The Great Dragon TPK (DH2S9)

Well, that’s my first TPK.


  • Ares, back to life for a short time
  • Cyrus, Ares’ disciple.
  • Sherikan, priest of the thousand gods.
  • Ferdinand, Sherikan’s disciple.
  • Felwet, slave-smith-archer with a goal.
  • Sehro, young girl taken care of by Felwet.
  • Sima, deformed doctor.


With Ares revived by the one use of Divine Intervention, things seemed okay. But the gods don’t work for free, and Ares had to present them with the head of the god king or a dragon within 101 days. He chose dragon, found out the location of the nearest one, which apparently was the lake. A gigantic superdragon was said to sleep in the depths. I tried to warn them. It’s enormous and very powerful. Anyway, they broke into the house of some Sun Knights, kidnapped the lot, and began a huge sacrifice to the thousand gods. They recieved a great dragonslaying spear. They bought a ballista. They gathered thirty peasants. It seemed like a decent plan. Ares stressed out over only having 93 days to live, made them attack now.

Sima rang the great bell to awaken the beast. It did awake, and rose from the water. It leaned over the temple. Sima rowed her boat AWAY. Then began the fight. The ballista failed to penetrate with its first shot. The peasants were destroyed with one breath attack and one sweep of the arm. The temple roof was smashed, and Felwet dropped. Cyrus tried to help Ares with what little power he had left. Trying to defend Sherikan’s body, Ferdinand got burnt by its breath.

During this time, Sima had returned with sleeping herbs, 24 man-doses. She tied burning chunks around the dragons neck to get it to breathe the smoke, but with it being around 150 or more men in size, it had little effect. Sima spent most of the fight on the dragon’s back, eventually fleeing when Ares started stunning the thing. Twice. Thrice. It seemed good, but as you automatically fall back when stunned, it left Ares’ effective reach. Unwilling to follow it out into the toxic water, Ares had to wait. A few bad rolls later, and ares was at -35 HP, stone dead. Sima took up the spear, but was quickly defeated. Then came Cyrus. He too was felled. And that, was the end.

All dead. Two definitely. Four left unconscious by an angry dragon.


I tried to warn them. Maybe I didn’t try hard enough. To their credit they almost got the dragon down. It was at -2 HP, with -10 likely to kill it. Very, very close.

Dragon Stats!

  • HP 80, 1/4 damage from human weapons, 1/2 from ballista/dragonslayer.
  • Enormous size (10 000 – 20 000 kg)
  • 5 damage reduction.
  • Strength 16 (effectively 256 vs. humans)
  • Attack 17, 3d10+9 damage
  • Breath attack 5d6





4 thoughts on “The Great Dragon TPK (DH2S9)

    1. Most play reports are rather useless for outsiders (with the rare exception). I pretty much make mine for documentation purposes for the players, but I’m glad you found this one good.


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