A Weird Idea for Magic-User Players

When I was about to go to sleep last night I had a strange, and possibly pointless, idea for how one could play out magic memorization on the table…

It went like this: if the player can correctly tell the GM all relevant attributes of the spell (target, range, damage, components) etc. the spell is cast in one round’s time. If they look on their notes, it’s two rounds. If they get something wrong there’s a (chance of a) miscast, where something goes wrong.

I wonder if it could be playable at all…


4 thoughts on “A Weird Idea for Magic-User Players

      1. If the intent is encourage players to learn their spells, through positive reinforcement, but the validation process takes as much time, you haven’t really gained anything.

        But maybe I’m over thinking it. I suppose play testing is the best way to confirm.


        1. It wasn’t really anything more than a passing thought, an idea for a test of player memory as a mini-game of sorts. It could be fun, as it somehows liken the play process to something more like what the wizard was experiencing. It could also be absolutely unplayable, especially if one uses the bloated spell list of some systems.


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