I saw a youtube clip about an “exploit” in D&D 5e, wherein a level 8-isch druid summons a bunch of pixies with a spell, and asks the pixies to Polymorph the entire party to t-rexes. Apparently, it breaks the game… but I just wondered… HOW? Is the game so inflexible that a bunch of low-INT dinosaurs can shatter the fragile form of the campaign? I get that it’s an unintentionally created exploit, but it should be at best a situational move unless everything always hinges on brute-force combat. I mean, making the entire party stupid can’t always be a good move. Maybe I’m overreacting, but I’ve seen a little too many videos talking about players “ruining” the campaign by abusing the system. I guess… challenge them more? Abuse the system back? Or, if you don’t like it, house rule it away. It’s not as if it’s some kind of computer game that needs to be patched by the developer. I don’t know why this even merits a post. Maybe I’m tired of some of this mainstream 5e content. Maybe I was expecting something more than an 8th level party getting to be tyrannosaurs for a while. I don’t know.


(This is not supposed to be a personal attack or anything. There’s just a lot of D&D content youtube recommends to me that’s just not what I enjoy or look for).


4 thoughts on ““They Broke the Game”

  1. Yeah, YouTube D&D content is largely disappointing if only because it continues to foster the bad habits of the game. I keep going back and forth on browsing. I want to see if there’s any good out there but I also don’t want to waste my time…

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    1. I used to watch quite a bit of roleplaying stuff on youtube, but half of it was these “actual play” things. Some of them were/are actually fun to watch at times. The advice portion is weaker, but I recall having watched some things that were not all bad… Can’t link to anything just like that though :/


  2. Yeah, you’d think losing access to all your equipment, manual dexterity, and speech would be more of a handicap than a benefit in most situations. All you’d get are some nasty attacks and a load of HP – which isn’t BAD, I guess… but still.

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  3. What gets me ~ in the video​ I saw ~ is the adversarial nature of the vlogger. It’s subtle, but it’s there: “here’s how you stop players from ruining your game with this combo.” Paraphrasing, of course, but it’s a common thread in the community. You see it with Perkins’ and Merls’ videos; you find it on the forums and blogs; and you see it in the “sanctioned” game events.

    There’s a reason this game has the reputation it does (at least, here in America).


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