Sea Monsters

Some sea creatures are very interesting. I happened upon some youtube clips on sea animals and they are really quite crazy, so I looked up their wikipedia pages.

Greenland Shark


  • Adult size can possibly reach 7 meters and 1500 kg.
  • Longest life span of all vertebraes, potentially over 500 years.
  • Meat is toxic unless treated, and cause effects similar to extreme drunkeness.
  • Slow swim speed but somehow manages to eat all kinds of things.
  • This is monstrous in its own right without improvement.

Mantis Shrimp


  • Strikes with their claws at an acceleration of over 10 000 g. 
  • This produces a cavitation bubble that can kill even if the strike misses.
  • Apparently it’s as powerful as a .22 caliber bullet.
  • There’s smasher and piercer types.
  • Sees like a hundred times more colors than we do.
  • They are only 10-40 cm long… Beware the Giant Mantis Shrimp!

Pistol Shrimp

  • Only 3-5 cm long.
  • Can fire a sound bubble through the water to stun prey.
  • The cavitation bubble can reach 218 dB and a temperature of 5000 kelvin.
  • The range is around 4 cm (that is pretty much its own length).
  • A Giant Pistol Shrimp would be terrifying as well.


All of these would make great monsters (if scaled), especially if you add some fantasy to them. Just think of the havoc a 10-meter long Mantis Shrimp could wreak, snapping out 150 000 N force strikes and cleaving elephants in two. (Yes I know that’s not how physics work but that’s what fantasy is for, no?) And I like the thought of a 500-year old, wise shark trading lots of meat for answers to weird questions or something.


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