Why do Heroes go into Dungeons?

Well… its not that heroes so much go into dungeons, but that they come out of them. Sometimes. Well, there are three ways you come out of a dungeon. Dead, running away to never return, or as a Hero.

  • Dead people are buried.
  • Scared people go hide and aren’t noticed again.
  • The rest get… weird, so we call them something: Hero.

Thus, Heroes go into dungeons, because they are the only people that get remembered.

And then Heroes keep going into dungeons, until they become dead (as they generally don’t become Scared due to their twisted perception of risk).



2 thoughts on “Why do Heroes go into Dungeons?

  1. Dungeons are unnatural. As I see them, they’re a barrier between this world and… something else. Call it Hell, the Daemon Lands or the Far Realm. Whatever it is, it’s a cancer on this world, it’s bleeding through into our reality and dungeons – as well as the whole of the Underdark – are the buffer zone that keeps everything stable.

    Except that stability is in constant danger of breaking down. Adventurers go into dungeons because they’re thrill seekers and treasure hunters. Dungeons carry a certain logical consistency, but the deeper you go, the closer you get to the Other Place and things begin to make less sense.

    Now that I think about it, I should throw up a post to elaborate…


    1. Oh yes. This is very similar to how I think of dungeons, with deeper being closer to the Other that’s encroaching. Maybe adventurers are the antibodies of the world, fighting off this infection. There was a (pretty recent?) RPG released which had dungeons errupted in the world, that had to be defeated and “killed” before they broke the world, but I just can’t remember its name…

      And do write a post on this. Maybe I will do the same (yay for perspectives!). As for this post, I’m not quite sure where it came from…

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