Abyssal Emmisaries

You have been defeated. Lying in the dirt, bleeding out, your feelings of hate for your enemies coalesce into a black puddle. Out of the darkness, a being arises. Clad in shadows flowing like silk, a great being with two curling horns and four burning eyes. It stretches out a clawed hand big enough to cover a man’s torso. A deep rumbling begins, felt within your bones rather than heard. DO YOU WISH TO MAKE A CONTRACT?

abyssal emissary stand
No it probably isn’t flipping anyone off. Image by me.

It’s well-known that hell is where the souls of evil people go when they die. What’s not as often discussed is, what happens to those souls cast out of hell. Some wander the earth as hateful spirits, but others are banished to the lowest realm: the abyss. The abyss is a deep dark place, where the demons defying the law of hell were thrown down. Obviously, these doubly fallen ones didn’t just comply with this imprisonment. They plotted, toiled and built their own kingdom below. Now they just need more souls.

So yes, you will be selling your soul, in one capacity or another. It might be worth it. Having smaller margins of error than the grand bueracracy of hell, they actually have a higher exchange rate on souls. Though your value is mostly based on your power.

Weaker souls are used as fuel in the abyssal forges. One step above that, and you become a slave, working ceaslessly in the dark pits. Above that comes the infantry, infinitely preparing on the fields for the assault on hell, and above that dignitiaries and officers. If you are lucky enough to be truly powerful, you will be reborn as a full-fledged demon of the abyss. You may be changed, but you will still live on, if in a new form…

Then now, are you willing to offer up your soul in your time of need? Forfeit it at the end of your life, or perhaps even now? And hope, that it is valuable enough to the Abyssal Emissaries to become more than cinders in a pit.

abyssal emissary slashed
It seems I was wrong, and someone took offence. Image, again, by me

Actually, the second image was the first, which I made while trying to come up with proper images for classes in Disposable Heroes (my OSR-isch heartbreaker). This is one candidate for Fighter. I might post the whole bunch of them some time…


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