Classes as Views on Life

Here’s another take on character classes. It came about when I was thinking on the next iteration of Disposable Heroes (some day I’ll publish it, I swear). As I mentioned in the classes as divine law thing, I find it interesting to sometimes, instead of fixing the weird problems in old-school D&D (and other RPGs), to turn them into world building with explanations. Though some systems might be beyond saving (*cough* rapid linear HP *cough*).

Here’s the idea of classes being not a profession, but rather a fundamental part of the character’s personality. More or less unchanging core traits that decide how the character does things, not what they do. I’m thinking of keeping the “train whatever skill you want” thing, but letting people get better faster at things fitting their class (lying in their area of interest and all that). Anyways, this ended up with the classes being awfully close to those in LotFP, at least in general areas of expertise. Not terribly surprised.

All of these are supposed to be active, driven types. They are also supposed to be these kind of messed up people who don’t fit into regular society, and the kind that would be held at an arms reach by authorities, even whilst being used.

I threw in a one word description, and a little music reference thing (take it with a grain of salt, I’m not a master of genres differences by any stretch of the imagination). I might get to throwing in some links to actual songs later if I remember it.


In a word: ferocious
Music genre: thrash or death metal

Some people live by means of violence. Soldiers, pugilists, bodyguards. But Slayers are not mere warriors. Some of them might seem reasonable at first, but just beyond the surface rages a killer instinct far greater than even their sense of self-preservation. Slayers simply cannot live without violence. They have a tendency to die young, laying down their life for any cause at all just for their own need to fight, but if they survive they become very hard to kill. In their hearts they believe that everything can be solved by violence (with the correct magnitude and precision).


In a word: restless
Music genre: folk metal or rock ballads

Wanderers are a restless bunch, far more than normal people. Continuously seeking out new places, new people, and new experiences, they drift across the world. Oftentimes, they have a hard time finding an employment that fits with their lifestyle, and so join in different prospects and ill-defined ventures. They have a tendency to half pick up all manner of skills and never really mastering any of them, moving on when they have some kind of usable basics in place.


In a word: fanatical
Music genre: symphonic metal

There are some that are completely taken over by fervent devotion to a god. These half-crazed prophets and miracle workers cross the world seeking followers and power for their deity, and strongly pushes their faith on however many people they can. They are beyond driven in motivation, but not always with clear-cut goals. The pursuit of a higher is not always as direct as one would wish.


In a word: ambitious
Music genre: technical heavy metal

Some people know exactly what they want, and often that thing is power. For those not lucky enough to be born to aristocracy, the path to becoming a ruler is complicated. If you want real, power, not just a minor post in a village, you have to outside the regular social norms. Therefore, it’s not uncommon for these Seekers to end up in groups of social misfits doing dangerous work. It’s all according to their long-term plan for a rise to power… probably. Some of them are not just a little strange themselves, but that won’t stop them from trying to get an important post.


In a word: mystical
Music genre: progressive psychadelic metal

Some power seekers are uninterested in the material world. Where should one look, if not to the spirit, the invisible forces of the universe. These often most peculiar people join into bands of questionable people (sometimes to their great dismay), because there’s a whole lot of hidden knowledge in the ancient vaults that aftermentioned questionable people are about to rob clean. Long exposure to supernatural power has a tendency to… change things up a bit. But despite their strangeness the Sorcerers are still human… Right?


In other news, I had my last exam for this term. It may have gone horribly wrong, who knows. I prefer something more analytical math (calculus?) over numerical analysis. I think I’m going to write a bunch on my games now. I’ve been itching to do that while studying the past week. (Also, yes, all the reference genres are metal-isch. Disposable Heroes is that kind of game.)


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