Disposable Heroes – Session 15

Today, the last session of the current campaign. Though the world (and possibly the characters) are likely to come back again, as it’s ripe for more exploration.


  • Youngwolf (Ax) – agile archer/explorer man. Optimisistic beyond reason.
  • Nicholaus (P) – legless revolutionary leader.
  • Buzzard (P) – assassin of few words, hunting Sparrow.
  • Thrush (Al) – assassin of more words, hunting Sparrow.
  • Grey (Al) – zombie wizard man.

The beginning of the end of the war

Nicholaus pulled up a ragtag band of drunk semi-revolutionaries and went to mess with the nobles’ army. So they did, and lit a small fire, and killed a guy. While they went home, the two assassins snuck in, and Youngwolf took a few drunks and started a skirmish in the noble base. All the drunks died, and so did a few noble guards, and then he ran away. The assassins looked around, murdered two people, and then left as well.

During this time, their friend Crow had killed off another assassin and in turn gotten near-dead from Sparrow. So he staggered home and talked with the assassin-duo.

Then came a week of preparation. The nobles readied their army, and most party members trained their skills. While Thrush and Buzzard were looking for Sparrow, the nobles attacked the revolutionaries. That turned into a messy battle that was barely pulled through, with the nobles at first winning and driving the revolutionaries back.

The two assassins found Sparrow (and a man clad in bones) and then ran away more or less instantly. They hid in a house, only for Buzzard to shoot Sparrow with a bow as she passed. She jumped in and started stabbing them with a cursed sword. So they ran away again, throwing a molotov as they went.

Nicholaus tried to get the revolutionary army to win, but that went… badly. Youngwolf and the mercenary guild took care of the nobles’ rifle support (saving the day), while Grey and Arash (a follower) blasted the main army with magic (also saving the day). In the end, the revolutionaries won that battle by a very, very tiny margin.

Then came a time when Buzzard and Thrush actually went to kill Sparrow. They shot at her, stabbed at her, and then… Died horribly. They are MIA for all anyone knows…

Here’s an interlude. The dice LOVES that character. She missed one attack of like ten (with a 38% miss chance), rolled 90% 5’s and 6’s on her d6 damage and 80% 7+ on her d10’s, and barely failed a single dodge check (yet again with 30-40% failure chance). It has been like this EVERY DAMN TIME she has appeared. I don’t know why. She’s far more terrifying than what her stats should allow. Also, zombiehood made that way, way worse.

The revolutionary council made a peace treaty with the nobles, essentially winning the city for themselves. And that felt like a pretty good endpoint for the current campaign. City management is not really what it is about. Nicholaus got what he desired (power and a free city), Grey has a stable place to operate his anti-undead plans from, Youngwolf had no clear goals to begin with and can easily get a decent place in the new city, and the same can be said for Rat-tails. With the assassins dead, the most direct link to Sparrow (and the man in bones) is gone. Those two are the only loose ends left of what they have done (apart from partially explored dungeons), and if they do not seek the party out, is it really worth going after two of the most dangerous people in the world?

Obviously there’s always more dungeons to explore, more cities for revolutions and more disposable heroes to play. But that might be good for a fresh new Disposable Heroes campaign, another time!

All in all, I’m happy with how it went. The system worked decently, the setting was pretty fun, and the only time I felt unfair was when I rolled extremely well for Sparrow (though that was honest rolls?! what?!) I will definitely be returning to this game, though probably with new characters in a new city!

For next time, it seems we will be instantly playing the new backup campaign (as the main one requires all players present and one couldn’t make it next weekend). It’s going to be less dungeons and more politics. I will post more on that later!


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