Classes as Views on Life

Here’s another take on character classes. It came about when I was thinking on the next iteration of Disposable Heroes (some day I’ll publish it, I swear). As I mentioned in the classes as divine law thing, I find it interesting to sometimes, instead of fixing the weird problems in old-school D&D (and other RPGs), to turn them into world building with explanations. Though some systems might be beyond saving (*cough* rapid linear HP *cough*).

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Blood Magic (with LotFP class)

This is something I came up with a rather long time ago when I was pondering magic systems. Basically, I’m not too much of a fan of the spell slot system, espescially not in the later editions with their spell bloat. Frankly, I find the 100 page plus spell lists very tedious, especially when there are so damn many attack spells. Stop it with this glorified artillery stuff. Sorry for that rant. Basically I like my magic systems with a lot of utility and multi-function spells if possible, and not too many of them.

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Simple Weapon Durability Idea

This is going to be really short.

If you roll a “1” for damage, reduce the weapon’s damage die by one step.

This rewards bigger weapons with better durability, and is simple and quick. In essence, the “1” damage does not represent a weak hit, but rather a strong one hitting in a bad spot. You could also link it to the armor of the target struck (for complexity), but then you’d probably have to add in something like a breakage roll too. Armor could possibly work in a similar way.