Disposable Heroes – Session 14

Lucky, we got in another session! It seemed like it would be canceled, but no!


  • Rat-tails (E) – zombie rogue, which really should be a warrior.
  • Grey (Al) – zombie mystic that seems to prefer reading.
  • Thrush (Al) – new character: assassin
  • Buzzard (P) – new character: assassin
  • Nicholaus (P) – footless revolutionary leader

As it is known that in this world, all assassins are named after birds, so are the new characters.

After the battle

Nicholaus made the revolutionaries loot the battlefield while the other characters rested. They got quite a bit of arms and armor, as well as a whole lot of art. The two new characters were assassins chasing Sparrow (the scary assassin), whom they didn’t like. They met Rat-tails and happened to look around under the wizards’ tower with him. They found creepy experiments, stairs to the underworld, and a portal.

Then there was this issue with trust… the new asssassins didn’t trust the party, Nicholaus didn’t trust the assassins, and the cat didn’t trust anyone [in-joke]. So… they called a common friend: Crow the assassin. He arrived after a day, telling people they could probably trust each other, and giving some facts on the assassins and people’s ability to come back to life after having their heads chopped off. Nicholaus wanted to hire Crow to kill off another assassin (Sparrow’s friend), but that would cost 1000 gold (enough to feed a poor man for around 300 years).

So, they decided to sell the art to afford that, and thus they used the portal in the catacombs to teleport to a city where there wasn’t a civil war (and which had a market for art). They did, and got a trading company to arrange some deals. They then payed Crow with that and a house.


Basically, this wasn’t an action packed session, but fun nonetheless. This is, I suppose, what happens when they reach a kind of “name level”, where they can toss around money and troops. Or just when you have a short cleanup and organization session. This campaign might be calming down now (?) in preparation for the other one. If people can just get to making their damn characters, lol.


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