Disposable Heroes – Session 13

One guy called in sick, but luckily we were still four people and thus we could run!


  • Rat-tails (E) – zombie hobo that really should be a warrior and not a thief
  • Grey (Al) – zombie wizard that is a total hypocrite
  • Brutus (Al) – huge, mute zombie warrior
  • Igor (P) – huge zombie warrior
  • Nicholaus (P) – legless fast talker

What now?

They decided what to do. They didn’t want to chase the assassins, so they joined the revolutionaries (Nicholaus wins). So they start training and outfitting the revolutionary guard. They do that for a while, and then they hear that the wizards are preparing something big. So they tell the nobles, and ask for a truce to smash the wizards first. “Ok, but don’t think we’re bad, we’ve got these four super assassins!”

“Oh shit”, thinks the party, that assassin from last time is back? “Revenge” thinks Igor, and prepares for combat. Igor and Brutus goes off on their own to try and murder Sparrow the assassin in the wizards’ tower. That goes… Yeah. Great. They get stabbed up a bit, and then they fight down the outside stairs of a huge tower. Igor wants to run past the others at the outside of the stairs (recklessly), falls off, and misses his save to catch himself. Luckily, he dies of blood loss before he hits the ground. After a while, Rat-tails and Brutus managed to get Sparrow down, and started chopping at her. But then… the other assassin they knew about showed up. Rat-tails said screw this and jumped off with his flying cloak. Brutus turned his back on the obviously hostile assassin… twice. So he got beat up a bit, then they wrestled, and then he was threwn off the building too. And, well, it was the nineteenth floor.

During this time the three factions were battling outside. While the rebels were about to be destroyed to the last man, Nicholaus shouted “Last Stand!”… and then he aced two battle rolls with the maximum results and reversed the tables. So in the end they more or less beat the wizards while the nobles retreated. But, like almost everyone from the army were either captured, wounded or dead.

Rat-tails messed around with the other assassin, who ran up, punched mr Tails in the face, and then ran away from the revolutionary army. He had taken both Brutus’ and Igor’s heads, as well as Sparrow’s corpse. Again. They decided to bury their huge warriors for good now. It seemed difficult to ressurect them without their heads.

Next time might be the last stretch of the civil war. Perhaps the party will take over the city? Will they leave the assassin be? What will the new characters be? Who knows… At least the players that lost their smash-squaders got a ton of epxeirence points for burying them, so they can instantly level their new characters quite a bit.


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