Disposable Heroes – Session 12

A bonus session, a few days ago, as people had easter break from school.


  • Rat-tails (E) – zombie hobo, who really should be a warrior with those stats
  • Nicholaus (P) – legless talker-man
  • Igor (P) – zombie and smasher
  • Brutus (Al) – now also zombie and smasher
  • Grey (Al) – zombie pseudo-wizard

Then what now

Rat-tails got some ravens to track the one who had taken the assassin’s corpse. Then they went to check up on different places, and ran into the REVOLUTIONARY ARMY. They were told where to go to be recruited. They looked at the forign soldiers who had occupied part of the town, and saw the noble’s army surrounding the wizards.

They went to look at the revolutionaries, and surprsing everyone (including himself), Nicholaus joined their side. He pulled other characters to join, and they took part in the three-way battle around the wizards’ tower. All in all it went… so-so. The nobles lost, but so did the revolutionaries (80% casualities… oops). The wizards were the clear victors. So they retreated, rested and prepared. Oh, and Rat-tails got captured by the forigners when he tried to take down a noble with 4 strong soldiers alone. He was bailed out with money (that’s how you finance an army).

It was discussed where the assassin-corpse thief had gone, and whether it was worth chasing now. It was decided that the rest should come first, as they had propably dissapeared through a portal in the catacombs.


This report is kind of late, so I might have missed lots of weird stuff. It feels like I missed a lot of stuff here really… Huh.


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