Disposable Heroes – Session 11

11 sessions later, and over a year of game time had passed. That’s probably an effect of the characters being forced to rest for a month after every major confrontation.


  • Rat-tails (E) – zombiefied hobo that loves necklaces.
  • Igor (P) – zombiefied smash-man
  • Nicholaus (P) – legless smooth-talker
  • Grey (Al) – (different kind of) zombiefied wizard
  • Brutus (Al) – still alive smash-man

Dragon Assassination

Feeling there was no time to waste, they wandered over to the dragon mountain with the entire mercenary guild (7 incompetent and one competent members), their cannon, and the characters. The dragon wasn’t home so they set up a very rudimentary ambush (everyone piled up over the treasure, more or less). Then the dragon came home. They managed to fire the cannon and run at it before… well it breathed fire. All of the noob mercenaries were immediately dropped in a smoking pile. Then they started beating it with weapons and stuff. Igor was picked up and tossed into a wall (to death), but was saved by smashing a bunch of healing potions with his impact.

Brutus was smashed around, Rat-tails hid and stabbed inefficiently at a leg.  One of their followers continuously shot his magic missile at the dragon’s face, pushing it into ever lower negative HP. Their one proper mercenary was dropped, but Grey improved with his lifedrain magic, and stole some HP from the dragon to her. Those 4 HP damage killed the dragon dead. Huh. They stole all of its stuff, which was a pretty good haul.

Hello, Sparrow

The city  was in disarray, as the three factions were scrapping with each other in the civil war. Oh, and Igor and Brutus had got their death sentence set by the assassin that had warned them not to mess with the nobles (they had done just that). So she wanders into their room and starts fighting them head on. In the slugfest that ensued, Igor was beaten to an inch of his life, while both Brutus and Sparrow had their arms severed. Brutus dies. Igor almost does. Sparrow dies as well… probably? Her “corpse” is stolen away before anything more than casual looting can be done.

Brutus was ressurected with some hastily gotten Witch’s Bone Dust. Now there’s 4 undead characters in the party, out of around 6 active ones. We’ll see if that increases… They have enough bone dust for another revival, but that’s it. Also, will they get involved in the current civil strife? Is Sparrow actually dead?! How will they replace the dead soldiers?!?! (Using them as meatshields against dragon’s breath is not the most efficient use of them, probably).


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