I ran for some first timers

Well, I tried to. There was this attack in Stockholm that kind of shook things up. Despite this, we played a bit while we were holed up in the game room. It went surprisingly ok.

The players were people from the same class as me at university. Apart from one guy who had played D&D some time like 5 years ago, they were all new. I wrote up a real simple rule-system that was somewhat D&D, but also cut down to the bones.

I just tossed them into a dungeon, and let them go from there. They explored a few rooms, fought some zombies, and went down a well, messed around with fishes that nibbled on their feet, and then there were fish people. All in all there wasn’t much accomplished in the way of adventuring, but it was fun nonetheless. They seemed to get some of the dungeon exploration pretty well, and the only combat went decently (no dead party members!) I also liked my cobbled-together system. It felt rather good to play, for some inexplicable reason. Sometimes small numbers for HP and attack bonuses and are nice.

And here’s what I printed out: Dungeon Dragon EZ. The first six pages the players may read if they want. The last two are mainly for the GM… who’s supposed to know what they are doing. I’m not sure this would be helpful for first time GMs… Anyhow, if you play it, please tell me how it went 🙂


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