Disposable Heroes – Session 10

So, another session took place today, the first in several weeks. Finally…

Characters Present

  • Nicholaus (P) – legless fast-talker
  • Igor (P) – now zombie, smash squad member #1
  • Brutus (Al) – not zombie, smash squad member #2
  • Grey (Al) – zombie-oid wizardy gravedigger
  • Youngwolf (Ax) – ultimate archer
  • Barbara Surgeon (Ax) – barber surgeon with shaky hands


We resumed with the characters (excluding the jailed Brutus) discussing things. Like, should they, and if so how, they would free Brutus. They scouted and planned. Meanwhile a lady in a purple dress went and bailed Brutus out, on the condition that he would not mess with the wizards and instead make a ruckus against the nobles.

Meanwhile, they tried to get the Mercenary Guild back in shape… From 0 members apart from a few party members. They started recruiting, and got 8 weak people, one competent one, and a scary assassin that threatened them. Then she left. Oke.

Making a ruckus

A few days later Brutus got a note from the mage that had… bought him out. It asked him to get rid of a certain nobleman… So he got Igor, and they went over to the man’s house. And then they waited until he got home, smashed through his guards and chased him. He just managed to get onto his carriage before they caught up… but the carriage sped up when the driver was intimidated by the huge armored man jumping on.

While the carriage sped recklessly through the streets Brutus beat the target to death with his fists, while Igor tried to get the coachman to drive to the Mercenary Guild. That ended with the horse’s broken leg and a crash leaving them strewn on the street. Then they stood up and walked home.

Messing with lizards

The next job was a rich guy whose house was under attack by lizard-people. They gathered up the entire guild and more to murder lizards. Apparently they came up out of holes in the ground and killed people. So they went down into the hole and looked around. There were some reptile people there. So they talked. It made Brutus upset, because the lizards suck at human language. Then the priest came.

Apparently they were at war (kind of) with the humans there because their land had been taken long ago. So Igor suggested they move to the catacombs under the city. So he convinced the priest to take some people to the catacombs and move in, hopefully pulling the rest along. That worked… probably… maybe… perhaps…


The dragon came back. It wanted them to kill another dragon. KTHXBYE. It left a pile of gold and items as payment. Yeah… this will not be hard at all, obviously… I am interested in seeing how this ends…


All in all it was great to get a session together again. A lot of strange things happened, and also politics (boo). I’m waiting on them choosing a side there (if any). And now I can but pray that there will be another session next week. Heh.


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