Submitted entry to One Page Dungeon Contest

As the title says, the One Page Dungeon Contest. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to link my entry here or something? Or just paste it in wholesale…

Anyways, it seemed like a fun thing to do, so I did. I made a water dungeon thing!


Here’s the download!

Ancient Waterworks


Well I guess I sent my game in… [200 word RPG]

Well, it seems the 200 word rpg contest is back, so I went and wrote down an idea that has been floating about in my brain for a while now. I will perhaps flesh it out some time, because 200 words is quite short.

I’ll just link it here… can’t seem to find anything about posting it anywhere else this year, though I’m pretty sure you were encouraged to post in your own blog last year? I’ll just do that then. It’s all based on a weird dice mechanic. Basically you stack dice in a little tower, and when it falls over shit goes down. I relly should get to playing this with my group some time, it might be fun.

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A year here

Well, apparently this blog just turned one year old. That went much faster than expected. I’ve made 112 posts in this time, and gotten a bit over 400 different visitors. That’s something, which hopefully means that there’s some value lying around here. Heh. I should get to writing meaningful posts instead of this :p

Anyways, to any readers: thanks for being here. I hope you get some good ideas or enjoyment out of this blog, because I like writing it. Be well!