D&D / OSR Wound Infections

Here’s a bunch of horrible infections that are around in my Disposable Heroes campaign. It’s supposed to be a kind of longer time consequence after serious combat.

If you are using a wound system, roll infection after you are wounded. If you only use HP, you can trigger the roll at having reached 50% or 25% HP, or at dropping to 0. If you want to bother, roll a different chance for different amounts of open wounds.

  • Properly sanitized wound in clean and open environment: don’t roll.
  • Wrapped wound in decent environment with some people: roll once. (33%)
  • Wound not taken care of or in filthy environment: roll twice. (55%)
  • Wound not taken care of, and in filthy environment: roll thrice. (70%)

Roll a d6 (or more, if applicable), with any 1’s or 2’s indicating infection. Then roll 1d6, 1d8, or 1d10 depending on the number of 1’s and 2’s. Or roll a saving throw, if that fits.

Save twice each week. If both are successes, you get one stage better. If both are failures, you get one stage worse. Medical care obviously helps.

List of Horrible Infections

Wound Mold (1-3)
Stage 1. Injury aches and smells. Disadvantage on saves against poison and disease.
Stage 2. Wound emits rotten pus. You automatically catch every diseasea you encounter.
Stage 3.  A warm ache spreads. Slow and tired, you lose every other combat round.

Black Rot (4-5)
Stage 1. Lose sense of touch around wound. Skin gray and dead. Take 2 damage per day.
Stage 2. Area around wound fully dead. Amputate or it spreads. Take 5 damage per day.
Stage 3. Flesh rots away quickly, spreading in all directions. Take 10 damage per day.

Murk-vein (6-7)
Stage 1. Fever, high heart rate. Ache in joints and major veins. 1 damage from moving.
Stage 2. Arrhythmic heart rate, veins grow distinctly visible. 1d4 damage from moving.
Stage 3. Ultra-low blood pressure. Veins swollen and purple. Save or die on taking damage.

Flesh Worms (8-9)
Stage 1. Itchy bulges appear near wound. Must eat twice normal amount or starve.
Stage 2. Flesh near wound porous and weak. Take double damage from blunt or slashing.
Stage 3. All flesh near wound is eaten away. Lose 1/3 max HP, and the worms keep eating.

Sand Curse (10)
Stage 1. Skins begin to flake off. Needs water every hour to not get dehydrated.
Stage 2. Dust and dried flesh falls out of the wound. Bleed out twice as fast.
Stage 3. You die, leaving only bones and infectious dust.

That’s that. Have fun getting sick!


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