Return of the Viking RPG

Well, it wasn’t ever dead, just resting for a bit. Lately, I’ve been thinking a bit more on the Viking RPG that I’ve worked a bit on in the past. Essentially, I had this idea of what kind of die system to use for this specific project, which caused it to get pushed back onto my “The five projects I’m like working most on right now”-pile. Wohoo, vikings!

The answer was: Blades in the Dark. Or at least, stealing its system for making tests. At its core, you roll a number of d6 equal to your skill, and keep the highest result. 4-5 is a partial success, and 6 is a full success. Having two or more sixes is a critical success.  The situation (graded into different levels of control) determines what kind of consequences occur if you fail your test. I really like this for this kind of game especially. It’s fast and simple, yet provide different levels of risk and success. How you get into situations and what you do determine how dangerous it gets when you blow an important roll.

With this (rather important) fact established, I can go about thinking on deciding the exact skill list, what kinds of traits & talents (if any) are appropriate, and so on. The dice mechanism used can really change the play experience, and I have been stuck on what to use for the viking RPG for quite a while. It’s good to get that part over with.


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