Side Effects of Almost Becoming Undead

This was originally made up for the witch’s bone dust, but can probably be used together with any undeadification you want. This table is adapted to more generic D&D compared to my original table.

When you float through the void between life and death, do you choose to hide, or to touch the horrible chaos without? This changes how many traits you acquire.

I have a system with number of successes on checks, but if you don’t, roll one or two traits for minimized and three or four ones for maximized change.

I have a system for determining this based on number of successes but I realized it’s rather complicated so I’m not sure it even fits here. That will have to wait…

Roll 1d10 for each trait, ignoring duplicates. The GM should feel free to apply penalties on checks based on the negative traits, because that’s what they are there for.

  1. Does not breathe: can’t suffocate, but speech becomes hollow and unnerving.
  2. Unfeeling: unnaffected by pain, but has no sense of touch at all.
  3. Thickened bones: resistant to blunt damage, but slowed to 2/3 normal movement.
  4. Does not bleed: resistant to slashing damage, but vulnerable to fire.
  5. No vital organs: resistant to piercing damage, but only gains 2/3 effect from healing.
  6. Blood hunt: recovers 10% of HP on felling a foe, but goes berserk while near death.
  7. Shade: partial invisibility in shadows, but weakened in bright light (disadvantage).
  8. Deathless: 1/6 chance of reviving after death, but vulnerable to holy magic.
  9. Black magic: gain two “evil” spells to cast 1/day each, but draws magical attention.
  10. Death grip: count as one size larger for strength purposess, but eats 3 times as much and only fresh meat.

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