Disposable Heroes – Session 9

Another session today. It was half size, but a lot went down anyways!


  • Igor (P) – huge warrior #1
  • Nicholaus (P) – legless man that talks very well.
  • Brutus (Al) – huge warrior #2
  • Grey (Al) – original zombie wizard
  • Youngwolf (Ax) – elite archer with insane Dexterity.

Escort Mission Failed

We resumed with them looking upon the murdered corpse of the man they were supposed to escort. He was extremely dead. They searched him and found a letter about a promise of aid from a noble family to… someone. They decided to deliver it and the corpse to the meeting point. Well there, they talked with the guy who would (supposedly) recieve the letter. They gave it to him, and asked him to pay them for the work. He said the dead man should have paid them. Brutus tried exortion. It didn’t work. After a small scuffle the man ran away, and a chase ensued. Brutus and Igor got stuck on caltrops (ow). Youngwolf eventually caught up with the guy, the wrestled a bit, and then at the last dash Brutus caught up and killed the man dead. Then they sent a magic message to his master signed with “Igor and Brutus of the mercenary guild”.

Taking the Dead Noble’s Money?

They took a week of for training. Then they wanted to get money from the dead escortee’s house. They knocked on the door. A butler opened. They threatened him, then shot at him with pistols as he closed the door. He called for guards. While they were breaking in, guards arrived. They ran around inside the house while Nicholaus distracted a few guards, and the rest were suspicious of Grey. Then the guards began surrounding the house while Igor murdered the servant. Youngwolf set fire  to the curtains, and then changed clothes. During this Igor and Brutus fought with guards in the staircase. Spears and numbers can hold back even killing machines in plate armor. They tossed a firebomb down the stairs. Now the guards (and the house) was more on fire.

Igor and Brutus leapt down the stairs while Youngwolf escaped through the window. They landed in a pile of guards and started chopping around. But… ten against two are pretty bad odds. They got stabbed lots. Brutus surrendered eventually. Igor didn’t he got pierced many many times, until he died dead. Brutus was arrested. Grey used his gravedigger-ness to get the guards to give him Igor’s corpse. He pulled it over to the mansion, and used the remaining zombie-dust to raise him as an undead. And then Grey and two more magical characters barely pulled off the ritual to reverse-zombie Igor and make him kind of alive.

And that was most of what happened. More crazy shit, and they turned more evil too… And now some of them are enemies to the city guard. And the great conspiracy go on while they don’t really know what’s happening…


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