Disposable Heroes – Session 8

This one was pretty long and interesting. In the end there was -3 casualities from the party. Oh and one character that died but kind of not.


  • Igor (P) – maximum amount of warrior.
  • Youngwolf (Ax) – the best damn archer around. 19 Dexterity.
  • Rat-tails (E) – he was a normal hobo with rats…


A trip to the catacombs

  • They decide to take a look at where three of the characters dissapeared last time.
  • They bought some gunpowder to open the stone door to the philosopher’s room.
  • After a minor malfunction they blast it partially open.
  • The zombie-ball is still rolling around.
  • They take some potshots at it before it smashes the door open.
  • It rolls over and flattens Igor while the others run away.
  • After some maneuvering it smashes into the guy frozen in ice.
  • Then Igor walks over and ABSOLUTELY SLAUGHTERS IT while the others run away.
  • He steals it things and frees the guy from the ice.
  • The person has been trapped for 600 years…
  • They go to the philosopher room and find the portal. The rest is empty.
  • They go through the portal. There’s still the water room.
  • The two ogres are still there. “Should we eat them?”
  • Youngwolf shoots one of them. Igor proceeds to murder them a bit.
  • Youngwolf shoots his comrades at least once each. Critical miss oops.
  • One ogre is downed, the other runs away to the fire.
  • He throws a bag of something into the fire and then Igor kills him dead.
  • A cloud of purple smoke flies over and awakens the first dead ogre.
  • Rat-tails wants to grapple it! That didn’t work at all!
  • The zombie-ogre stands up and crushes Rat-tails to a pulp (he was at 0 HP already).
  • They slowly hack town zogre. Rat-tails is reanimated by the purple smoke.
  • He pokes weakly into some people’s armor.
  • Zogre is slayed, and Rat-tails (lucky) comes to his senses?
  • The ogres are looted and the three lost characters rescued.
  • They take a peek up ahead and then runs away.
  • 600-year-old-man is still on the other side of the portal
  • Yay resting time!

Downtime and slaying the ghoul

  • Rat-tails speaks to their wizard friend (?) about his condition.
  • He needs to do a ritual to get better or he dies.
  • He gathers up stuff for it.
  • They go to the fourfold-forgot ghoul and murder it with arrows.
  • They steal its stuff (and conveniently some ingredients).
  • The ritual is ritualed.
  • The wizard rolls a super perfect ultra result of 7 successes (2 is standard good).
  • Rat-tails gets some weird zombie things but is mostly ok and almost alive.

Taking mercenary guild jobs

  • The first job is simply to kill some people. Yay, that’s nice!
  • There’s some kind of war going on in town with another city or something?
  • Igor falls in the water and then the guild lose 50% of its members and they win.
  • The second job is to escort a person to a church.
  • They walk a while. Then there’s black-clothed people.
  • “Hand him over and avoid blodshed”.
  • Youngwolf shoots a guy. Well, he shoots an arrow at least.
  • There’s a smokebomb. There’s a mess.
  • Igor dashes through the smoke a trades some blows with the leader.
  • Igor gets stabbed and stunned and falls back into the smoke.
  • Rat-tails fights with two people on another street for a while.
  • Youngwolf shoots people with arrows while the mercenaries die.
  • Master-assassin jumps out through a window and murders the escortee.
  • Eh oops. The assassins run away and some of them do get away.
  • Eh… RIP mission.

And then we were 20 minutes past stop time so we cut it there.

It was a really good session and lots of fun stuff went down. Now there’s two semi-undead in the party. Will they become friends? What will happen with the failed mission? What’s actually going on in town? They might find out next time! Oh and they have some more of that unreliable and very dangerous zombie dust. Interesting times, these are.



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