Disposable Heroes – Session 7

So, the campaign continued in that chamber with guards and wizards and stuff. We had four players as well, so that was great. And the one who wasn’t there, well… his character was one round away from death, with a spear through his gut.


  • Nicholaus (P) – footless speaker.
  • Igor (P) – brute #1.
  • Brutus (Al) – brute #2.
  • Grey (Al) – semi-zombie who hates cults.
  • Grigori (Ax) – somehow as effective as both brutes this combat.
  • Barbara Surgeon (Ax) – cowardly barber surgeon.
  • Rat-tails (E) – snuck up to current position.
  • Donavic (player away) – alchemist’s apprentice… dying
  • Betsel (NPC) – silly magic-savant child.
  • Squire (NPC) – hired by Nicholaus, 90% useless.

Combat Continues

  • “Surely nothing can be wrong”. Nicholaus shuffles after the running Philosopher.
  • The remaining enemies are kind of handled, while Rat-tails and Barbara runs to try to save Donavic. They get him to not die for  4 rounds or something… which is a great feat in and of itself.
  • Then the zombie-ball arrives. Weeeeeeeee. It comes flying out of where the philosopher ran, and smashes a lot of people. It’s time to run.
  • They run.
  • Nicholaus was left behind by everyone.
  • Grigori and Barbara entered another room. There’s a portal inside. Grigori “encourages” Barbara to enter.
  • Zombie-ball rams Rat-tails and the squire. Squire down.
  • Nicholaus stands up, brushes himself off, and goes after the Philospher in the room.
  • He threatens him, ties him up, and goes after the others.
  • Zombie-ball turns around and comes back.
  • “Call your ball back.” … “ok”
  • Nicholaus cuts the Philosophers throat with advantage, dealing… 3 damage.
  • Zombie-mass squashes Nicholaus and Philosopher against the door.
  • After som choking and wiggling, as well as crushed legs, Nicholaus gets through.
  • He and Grigor wonders what to do. Then they go through the portal.
  • During this time, the others have gotten out, and head home.

Beyond the Portal

  • A large lake-room. On the rock beach, there’s two ogres.
  • Barbara gets captured and put in a cell. “Should we eat her?”
  • Nicholaus and Grigori gets captured and put in that cell. “Should we eat them?”
  • An escape-attempt is decided on!
  • When the cell is opened Grigori runs out, makes a circle, kicks fire into one ogres face, struggles in the water, stabs one guy a bit, and then gets captured again.
  • Grigori’s legs are eaten? Oops.
  • The beyond-the-portal crew is lost until rescued.

Back in Town

  • They get healed up for 25 days. People train a bit.
  • They winch up the dragon’s treasure from last time.
  • There’s a bit of a debate on whether to anger the 1000-ton beast or not.
  • In the end, most of it is used as the dragon asked for.
  • They winch down the reagents to the dragon.
  • The dragon teleports out with a bang.

Delve More

  • They check the door to Dunford’s Philosophers. It’s well locked.
  • They look around in the furthest reaches of floor 5.
  • There’s a pit. No bottom was found.
  • There’s some stairs. They descend for… 10 minutes.
  • At the bottom, there’s black earth and ways.
  • They explore the underground world for a bit.
  • They find a white tree. They chop a bit off.
  • Someone’s whistling. Time to go..?
  • They run away back up.


This was basically the session. Getting out the Philosopher fight with only 4/8 PC casualities was pretty good. If you count their support they lost 6/12… which is still the same percent and actually half their number. Good job!

We’ll have to see if they decide for a rescue operation next time. Otherwise it gets a little silly, because that will mean one player has lost 4 characters total. Out of 7 total (?). That seems a little too unlucky. Oh well.



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