Disposable Heroes – Session 6

Well there was another session today! No fatalities… yet. The combat is technically still ongoing, so we’ll see about that next time. It was a good long session, and four players present. That’s nice too.

Characters Present

  • Igor (P) – warrior, part of smash squad, huge
  • Nicholaus (P) – scoundrel, no feet, speaker
  • Brutus (A1) – warrior, part of smash squad, huge
  • Grey (A1) – mystic, zombie-oid, now half mad
  • Barbara Surgeon (A2) – scoundrel, shaky-handed surgeon
  • Grigori (A2) – warrior, not beefy enough for smash squad
  • Domavic (E) – explorer, alchemist’s apprentice
  • Betsel (NPC) – strange child


Returned to Kairns with magic rod. Sold it with Crow the assassin and got their share.

Returned 2/3 of the rich wizard’s things. Got 2/3 of the reward.

They bought things, including a large villa.

Decided to take a peek in the catacombs again.

Smashed strange guards in the “sacrifice people to the spiked pit”-room. Spears + hallways + caltrops make for a fun place to assault!

They decided to toss the corpses to the ghoul… later… again.

They visited level 5, found a great foot prosthesis, a giant with a cave-in on, and  very pale people. They were strange but passive.

They talked to a dragon. It wanted some magical reagents, so it could teleport out of a far too small cave. They got things to pay for the materials too. The dragon’s name was, as far as it was possible to pronounce by humans, was Axerlzaphagovarus.

They took a trip to the “Room of Dunford’s Philosophers”. A man stepped out of a blood-filled coffin to greet them. That was very evil, so the party attacked immideately.

This started a battle split four-ways. The smash squad fought three guards. Grigori fought three others. The rest of the people fought the four philosophers.

Lightning bolt casts wrecked the smash squad pretty bad. Fire blast spells singed a couple of other people. Most of the guards went down. Two philosophers were killed, one is almost dead, and one ran away into a small room. Two guards are still standing. The party has lost a majority of their HP. To be continued…

What’s In The Small Room?

Spoilers, maybe. I’ll roll this sometime. 😉

1-2   A monstrous beast or warrior
3-4   A strange contraption
5-6   A teleportation device or portal
7-8   A powerful weapon
9-10 An exit to another room


Around 350 gold, plus the dragon treasure and some magic items.

It was a good session, as usual. We’ll see how the combat finishes up next time. It could honestly swing either way. Probably. Oncoming TPK? Or a victory? NEXT TIME, ON DISPOSABLE HEROES!



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