Disposable Heroes session 5

There was another session today. Only three players, but that works. One hadn’t been there since the first session, which meant a very weak character compared to the others. That went fine anyways. Hooray for flat power curves!

Active Characters

  • Grey – grave digger & mystic (A)
  • Brutus – lumberjack & warrior (A)
  • Nicholaus – coachman & scoundrel (P)
  • Igor – cooper & warrior (P)
  • Rat tails – vagrant & scoundrel (E)

There were also the three children picked up in a dungeon a while ago (NPC).


They bought food enough to walk over to Helmhold, to look for the magic scepter. They also bought two barrels of live crabs to sell there, hopefully for some profit.

A councillor “requested their presence” and they followed along. They were offered some gear and money for finding two wizards and a spellbook. Seemed ok.

They walked to Helmhold. During the three weeks they only met one other traveller (apart from locals). They tricked her into walking in the wrong direction apparently. According to 21d6, that was the only encounter.

Well there, they sold the crabs for some profit, and then looked around for the people they were looking for. Oh, and the MOUNTAIN FORTRESS had opened, so they went there.

A random sword-guy missing like half his body parts wanted to follow along, which was OK-ed. They walked past some thugs who failed to rob them.


They went through a bloody corridor (giant-sized), found two ways down, passed them  both (and a dead giant) and entered a human-sized guard room. There were lots of ruined gear. There were a corridor, two stairs up, and a stair down. They went down, and entered a “U”-shaped corridor around a big room. They went inside, stole half of the “sun” (a big glowing rock), and Rat-tails became friends with the rats while the others proceeded. They went through a butchery, up some stairs, and found a small room with an iron bar gate. A big dog tackled it, and they waited for it to break through and then fought and killed it. No casualties, but expended half the warriors’ HP. They found MOONSTONE PRAYER BEADS (which was on one of the wizards they looked for), and a wizard’s pack. Then they went to the inn to sleep.

Two days later (one day stormed) they came back. Grey had sold Rat-tails necklace which caused a dispute (that was a little bad). Rat-tails got it back somehow, with pawning his fancy sword. They went through the weird zig-zag path from before, and went to the second level below ground. Carefully sneaking through the non-giant paths (they were afraid of giants) and found a room full of dead people and man-lizards. Oh, and a speaking decapitated head. It was one of the wizards they were sent to found, and she asked them to sew her head back on. That went… badly, but she lived (somehow). They looked at the dead huge dog: it could perhaps be the other wizard they looked for. She scryed the scepter they were looking for being somewhere in the deeper part, so they went there.

They found a bone-clad man looking upon a man choking to death, apparently poisoned. “He was bitten by a snake”. The scepter was apparently held by a crazy man in the greenhouse. Grey told the bone-man to lure the maniac  out, to which the necrodude magic-killed two dogs. Crazy man came running. He was not to be talked down (being barely able to talk himself). Then Igor decided that bones must die, and entered combat. Rat-tails tossed a stone at madman. Chaos broke loose. Brutus and Igor slammed bones for large amounts of damage. Dogs, birds, and snakes attacked everyone. Rat-tails got poisoned. Birds messed things up. Dogs nibbled Igor. Necroman got pissed, cast some spells, and did tons of damage to everyone. Every animal died. No person died (though Nicholaus dropped from 24 to -6 HP). Then he wandered over to look at the poisoned guy.

Following this, Grey struggled with the madman. Igor missed bones with FIVE FREE ATTACKS IN A ROW. Brutus was confused. Rat-tails was poisoned (though bones gave him a “Potion of Extra Pain +5 (but also poison-cure)”. Then it was kind of over. The scepter was gotten. Skelly-man walked away. The others dragged the KO people all the way out, and to the inn.

This was it. It was fun, as usual. They took a really weird path through the dungeon. Like 80% is undiscovered. Most of the good loot is left. No one died (yet). It was pretty successful for them, all in all. Let’s wait for next time 🙂


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