Pondering Armor and Damage Types

Here’s something I thought about a week ago: armor being effective against different damage types. This was on the subject of a Dark Souls-like tabletop RPG, and I was wondering if there was any good way to implement different damage and defense types in the game without it becoming too cluttered.

So, if you want to have different armors being good against different things, what then? Well, the first thing I thought of was not every armor having a defense score against every damage type. So only if the armor had a notable defense against a damage type would it gain a modifier there, to stop things removing 1 point of damage from 12 different things and then also reducing damage from a few other damage types by 9, 4, 13, and 2481. That works fine when the computer’s counting, but gets a bit messy when you have to keep track of which of the damage types is reduced by 13.7% because you’re wearing the witch’s top hat of doom.

I’m exaggerating, but there are obviously things that don’t work as well in tabletop games that they do in computer games. I was trying to come up with something that didn’t require you to track more than (1) what defenses the armor affects, (2) what the damage reduction is, and (3) possible special effects (as usual). So there’s a few ways to do that. First off, you could roll with D&D 5e style resistance to damage types (take half damage), or roll with one flat number for all damage types (either dependant on the armor or stats).

So well… that was a long way to say I might have had a (probably old) idea for armor. Yeah… that. Heh, this is barely a good filler post :p

I might elaborate or decide on things if/when I run my Dark Souls thing.



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