Dungeon Thing session 3, or “Disposable Heroes”

Yeah, I actually thought up a name for this now. It felt quite fitting. Anyways, we had a session last sunday, so here’s what went down, in short…

Three players were there, so that’s okay. They were still in the catacombs, so they kept going with that.

  • Assassin-bro in the dungeon says he’ll go looking for a key.
  • They proceed to the third level of the dungeon.
  • They ignore most of the things close to the stairs and go onwards.
  • They break into a knight’s tomb, and look at pictures of the scepter.
  • Cursed x9 sailor-man steals most of the knight’s armor.
  • Someone locks the door behind them.
  • They pass two doors, marked by brutal battle.
  • They find some stairs down, and a long tunnel.
  • At the end of the tunnel, there’s a dwarf digging onwards.
  • They ask him to dig a path back to the stairs up.
  • He starts digging as directed.
  • The wrong room is discovered. One character goes on ahead.
  • Critical failure of perception check -> surprise – > ganked.
  • He is hit by 6 knife attacks totalling 3x his HP in damage.
  • Instant death. Everyone else retreats.
  • Well…
  • Suddenly, there’s a battle in the corridor.
  • Gravedigger borrows a magical sword from the wall.
  • While the contents of the room are away, they sneak in and dig onwards.
  • The dwarf almost gets through before things come back.
  • The things (speaking zombies) gets murdered and they run away.
  • Now they chill outside the locked grave from before.
  • Assassin comes back and unlocks.
  • Cursed x9 dude tomb-robs some more and becomes cursed x17.
  • They find a ~map… of the fourth level? Is the scepter here?
  • They walk around on level 4 with the assassin.
  • There’s a wall of fire. Let the low HP people jump through it.
  • Two people almost die, but they find a portal.
  • WhatNow.jpeg

The party takes a 40 day rest to heal up. (Yes it takes time). Then…

They talk some more with assassin-man, who had a run in with other assassin. He survived. They make plans to dungeon some more.

  • There’s new people on level 3, but things are still okay (?)
  • Return to level 4. They find a strange winding tunnel.
  • It seems it loops into itself. Someone has written “turn around”.
  • Space-time f**kery commences.
  • They walk backwards through it. That worked.
  • A reflective wall is discovered, and bypassed.
  • A room where gravity is a mess.
  • Eventually the speak with a wizard in the roof.
  • He tells them the scepter is in Helmhold… a city 3 weeks away.
  • They refuse (?) a deal and walk away.
  • There’s a room at the end of the corridor. SmashDoor.exe
  • Crazy jailer gets murdered in his face.
  • There’s three kidnapped children, whom are put in the loot pile (?)
  • There’s a spiky bit with a blood drain.
  • They go home and rest.

I think that was it? Only one dead, and a few people at very little HP.





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