Disposable Heroes: session 4

Another (shorter) session. Mostly accounting and a heist, actually, but enjoyable nonetheless.

They rested for another 22 days to heal up more. Sailor was in hospital with a horrible disease. They discussed what to buy and what not to and counted days rations.

Then one character decided to steal quicksilver, and the sick sailor joined in. At first it seemed to go well. They got in easily, timed it with guard patrols having passed, and the sailor got the cashbox open. But when he was sawing at the lock to the box with expensive wares the owner noticed them and called for guards. A chase ensued, wherin the first character (a surgeon with shaky hands) got away, while the cursed sailor got caught with the wares. Oops. The judge decided to fine the sailor on money equal to the worth of the stolen goods… 21 gold crowns, which the sailor had (!) His grave-robbing money was lost (it might have been half the money the party had had in the campaign total!) and he was tossed out on the street.

The more reasonable people decided for another trip to the catacombs. They used a plank to get over the hole in the floor, and let a crazy thing out of its cell. The smash-squad killed it dead, and it was tossed back in. The greedy surgeon took a trip into another room which contained a rich sarcophagus. The others decided it wasn’t worth it, so it was left unopened.

They took the route by level 3 to come to the other side of the hole on level 2. There was an expensively dressed man seemingly starved to death there. He was accidentally pushed into the hole. Oops (RIP loot). Brute #2 used the grappling hook to swing over the large hole, and found some kind of a display with an impaled skeleton. He stole the sword (far too heavy for its size) and returned. After a brief moment of being unsure if butcher-man would steal it, the situation was resolved and the session ended.

Next time, perhaps Helmhold and the Mountain Fort will be the destination.


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