Dungeon Thing: session 2

There were some more crawling and dungeoning today. ‘Twas good. No more fatalities, but several horribly wounded people. They almost need more characters to keep up while the others are recovering. It’s working out well, except I forget the rules that finish off characters. That’s bad. I need to remember them so people actually die more.

The Return

  • They took the ship from the fort to Kairns. It took 10 days with good winds.
  • One character (Nicholaus) got his feet amputated because of gangrene.
  • They sold some miscellaneous things for a couple of silvers.
  • They bought cloaks for everyone, got some food, and invested some in alchemy.

Expedition 1

  • They went out to the abandoned lighthouse by Kairns.
  • A giant tossed rocks at them, but none hit.
  • They landed in a safe spot and went on ahead inside.
  • The first level was a storeroom.
  • The second level held two giants, playing cards. A fight ensued.
  • One character was smashed to 1 HP of instant death, none other were seriously hurt.
  • On the third level was some living quarters, empty at the moment.
  • On the fourth level was a locked in alchemist. Nicholaus climbed up from the window (with his shiny new clippety-cloppity wooden feet).
  • Some persuasion later, this alchemist falls out the window (oops).
  • Person acquired to ship (alive), tower is claimed as a base.
  • Giant on roof is persuaded by Nicholaus (again). Persuasive guy.
  • Alchemical gear and damaged formulas acquired.

Expedition 2

  • Then the less-damaged people went to go into the catacombs of Kairns.
  • They explored the upper level some.
  • There was a pit to below (hard to traverse).
  • There was some hidden contraband.
  • There was a plague grave (Jack entered and stole som jewelry).
  • They found a hidden temple chamber, dedicated to the Death God (HERESY!)
  • There were mummies. Jack LITERALLY STOLE ONE.
  • Brutus hit the statue. The rest of the mummies stabbed him lots.
  • Domovic set the mummies on fire. Ashes to ashes.
  • They went to level two.
  • Jack stole from the pot of offerings (“curse you… thief”).
  • They explored lots of corridors with bones.
  • They found a fresh body in a closet.
  • They found a locked fancy-grave.
  • They found an assassin looking through other graves. Oops.
  • Assassin is looking for a spire, and is going to get 200 gold crows for it.
  • Assassin will share pay if they find it.
  • Jack loots coffins for jewelry (“CUUUURRSSSSE YOUUUU…. THIEF!!”)
  • They walk around more, and find a hidden sapphire.
  • Assassin opens a locked door, it’s the living quarters of the crypt workers.

They have stairs down but the session ended. It’s going pretty well. No level 3 characters yet, and no one has even spent experience points on something. Next time, perhaps. The tone is right between dark brutality and silliness. Perfect. I’ll try actually remembering the death rules too…


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