Dungeon Thing: session 1

We had the first real session of the (supposedly) grimdark renaissance fast-and-light campaign. It was nice, and we had 5 (!) players now, which is a 66% increase. Also inside: me failing at being a mean DM, and only managing to kill off a single character in the funnel. Too few death-traps and horrible enemies.

Seaside Fortress

There was a little dungeon in five levels, overlooking a bay and filled with defensive positions. It was explored during around 4 and a half hours of in-game time. They killed a few zombies (“dry ones”), left infected adventurers for dead (R.I.P.) let out some not-infected adventurers, extorted an alchemist-sorcerer and spoke with some snake people.

What happened?

  • Floors 1, 2, 4 are completely explored and mostly looted.
  • Floors 3, 5 are partially explored and somewhat looted.
  • Snake people status: neutral. The wise one is mildly positive.
  • Alchemist-sorcerer status: neutral but annoyed. “Leave my damn things alone!”
  • Loot: some tools, a longship (1), around 500 pennies in coin, and two sculptures.


One dead, three seriously wounded. The three might yet die, if failed to be treated properly (or due to bad luck). That might up the kill-count to a slightly more acceptable level.

Rules In Play From Next Time Onwards

  • Exhaustion: every hour in the dungeon without a 10 min rest will sap 1 HP.
  • Strain: HP loss always causes injury if at 0 HP or less. Death due to overwork.
  • The Environment: cold, rain, and wind drain HP if you aren’t sheltered.

That’s it I think. Probably.


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