Merry Christmas

Well, it’s christmas eve today. That’s celebration day here in Sweden (“julafton”… which I guess is “yule eve”? :p ). So I thought I’d drop this off here.

Merry christmas to those few people who actually read this blog (and everyone else as well). Hopefully you all get a bunch of gaming presents too, some good things. I got a book on RPG improvisation from my girlfriend, which will hopefully up my DM level a bit. I might drop a review/impressions post on that later. It seems pretty interesting this far.

Anyways, have a good yule,¬†merry christmas, happy holdidays or whatever you want to call it. Stay warm, and don’t slip on any ice that may or may not be there.

(Note: this doesn’t seem to have published at the correct date, so here it is now.)


Dungeon Thing: session 2

There were some more crawling and dungeoning today. ‘Twas good. No more fatalities, but several horribly wounded people. They almost need more characters to keep up while the others are recovering. It’s working out well, except I forget the rules that finish off characters. That’s bad. I need to remember them so people actually die more.

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