Darkest Nights – Final Session

We played the last sessions of the Darkest Nights campaign yesterday. I might very well make another one in the future, as I like the style of both the setting and system. However, it’s over for now. It was good, and I’d like to Think that I’m getting at least a little bit better at being a GM.

The Cast

  • Nathan Stark. Ruthless monster slayer… and slayer in general now. Athletic.
    • Maria. Wife in the safety of a hotel.
    • Robert. Formerly possessed, now servant…isch.
  • Lucas de Pope. Former mercenary who can see the dead.
    • Joffrey. Speaking raven.
  • William de Pope. Army chaplain with all his soldiers dead.

The Story

We returned as the party was standing over the body of the slain monster. After a brief discussion about who was holding the lantern, they pressed on through the open door. A great darkness enveloped them, absorbing most of the light and sound. It was a huge chamber, with a thin path visible on the stone floor below them, and the red sun and blood moon shining above them, partially obscured. Jogging slightly, they quickly caught up with the thing that had escaped through Romanov’s throat and later out of the beast. It was an embryo-like form (akin to the demon baby from Berserk), trying to crawl away from them with its stunted limbs.

They caught it. William wanted to kill the ungodly thing, but it begged for its life. It was coerced into telling them everything about the eclipse and opening to the sleeping god. When the sun and moon were covered you would put down the relic keys. Then present your sacrifices and throw them into the coffin of the god, replace any keys you wish, and state your wish. Looking and the more and more covered astral entities they decided it was time to do just that.

They reached the center of the room, somehow. Far off the beaten path were ruins, lost pieces of civilizations long gone, but in middle of it all was a huge sarcophagus, surrounded by a circle. Both coffin and floor were covered with hundreds of layers of writing and ritual symbols, and on the circle had eight markings where the keys should be placed. They placed the ones they had (all at this point) and wondered greatly where this ninth key was. Despite some serious hinting that the ritual circle itself was the last key, they didn’t accept that until they actually asked the worm-man and he told them.

When the stars were right (well, sun and moon actually) Nathan intimidated worm-man a last time (by holding him over the open sarcophagus) and then tossed him in. They frenziedly tossed in magic items available. They replaced as many of the keys as possbile and used them as fuel as well, actually creating a decent bit of sacrifice. For some reason though, every single good magic item was killed off, leaving only the useless ones. I don’t really get why they did that, but it happens. R.I.P. Nathans super-strong magic sword.

In the end, they managed to stall the god’s awakening for 100 years… leaving things up for a Darkest Nights 1940 if I ever feel like doing that (it could be pretty fun). They wished for:

  • William: a god-fearing world.
  • Lucas: a happy ending.
  • Nathan: a child and a good family.

After that they left quickly, running through the tunnel (which was being filled with water) and escaped to their ship. They took it back to Rozenburg, and after that it was over…

The Aftermath

William took most of the new relic keys, and established an order to protect them. He abolished the military base on the never-to-be-the-same-again Rozenburg, and used whatever pieces left behind to build up a base. He knew it would once again be time to protect the world from the sleeping god. He died of old age in the castle.

One day, Lucas dissapeared again. Taking two of the keys with him he ran off, and travelled the world as a mercenary once again, before finally settling down and creating a combined fencing and magic academy. He disciplined his students to be careful with the magic part however, not to draw the ire of the church. He died fat and happy.

Nathan took his wife and moved to Canada. He continued his life taking care of supernatural beings, but was much more careful and taking fewer needless risks, having matured after the harsh happenings on the isles. His second-born child inherited the art of beast hunting, and he died middle-aged when his liver gave out to the alcohol.


It was a good run. This was a real step up from my last campaign I think (which in turn was much better than the one before it) which just proves that you live and learn. I hope I can improve more too 😜. I forced my players to tell me some about what was good and bad too, so I might take some advice with me. Now I’m just waiting for my next campaign. Always look ahead! I will probably post a bit about that too.


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