Darkest Nights – Session 15

As I mentioned, this was pretty much the last session of the campaign. All that’s left is some rounding up, the ending scene, itself, and the aftermath. I think it was a pretty good session. They finally felled “the wolf”, crushed the cult (more or less), and got almost all of the key items. It might have been pretty close at times though.

The Cast

  • Nathan Stark. Ruthless monster slayer… and slayer in general now. Athletic.
    • Maria. Wife in the safety of a hotel.
    • Robert. Formerly possessed, now servant…isch.
  • Lucas de Pope. Former mercenary who can see the dead.
    • Joffrey. Speaking raven.
  • William de Pope. Army chaplain with all his soldiers dead.

The Story

We began the session with the party just having slept a night in an abandoned house at Somerset Island (north of Rozenburg). They decided that they should set the cultists’ house on fire as a distraction, while they went in to get whatever relics/key items they could get. Thus, they bought two kegs of tar, and steamed over to the large house the cultists were using as their base. While the others were repositioning and getting the tar ready, Nathan swam to the docks, and cut the cult’s boats loose. He pushed the smaller ones out towards the sea, and managed to breach the hull of the larger one at the cost of his knife.

While guards came running to see what was happening to the boats, the others made their move. Tar was tossed down at the roof of the house, fire was set, and Lucas forgot about being supposed to go meet up with Nathan and give him back his gear… and clothes. William, Lucas, and Robert invaded the house using the same route they used this time. This time however, they weren’t betrayed by fake soldiers, so it went much smoother. They rushed in, knocked two guys out, went to the next room, and Lucas tossed his last smoke bomb into the fire… Oops. Toxic gas filled the room with a hiss, blinding everyone and probably giving them horrible lung damage as well. Lucas then proceeded up the stairs, with William far behind in the purplish mist.

Nathan had hidden himself under the bridge but it was only a matter of time until he was found. When one guard jumped in the water to swim and get the escaping boats, Nathan tried to slap him with a rope. That didn’t work, so he dove down and drowned the guy instead. He then pulled another one into the water, stabbed a third one with his own knife, and swam away unharmed. He got up on the shore, took a one-minute break, and went over to appraise the situation.

Inside, Lucas got to a leader-like type, and knocked him unconscious with ether. It looked like Romanov (the Russian collector), only shaved and in very un-Romanov clothes. He patted him down, found the Lesser Key of Solomon (one of the keys), and decided they were done. Lucas tossed Joffrey in Nathan’s direction, met William on the way, and after searching the room they left quickly in the confusion. They collected themselves, ran for the boat and got away more or less safely.

Well back in Rozenburg, William visited the church, and spoke shortly with Reginald. Nathan started going towards the hotel where his wife was, and Lucas Went to check up on the safe in the bank where two of their key items were kept. He spotted a large person about to breach the vault, and sent Joffrey to get Nathan and then William. Nathan and Robert were nearby and arrived quickly. They pretty snuck up on the thing with the help of Lucas’ magic. A tag-team leap later, Nathan shoved his sword into the space between “the wolf’s” clavicle and shoulder-blade. A brutal struggle ensued. Lucas took a lot of shots, and William arrived for several charges with his spear. Nathan spent most of the fight shoving the sword deeper into large pseudo-person’s torso, and occasionally twisting it around. It seemed to do the trick.

Suddenly a shout… in hebrew? William actually understood a bit, being a priest, and it was something about “Infidels, how dare you!” and “The flame of Uriel!” A great white-yellow fire errupted, and two mishappen wings extended from the being’s back. All but Lucas were caught in the blast, and the room was engulfed in flames. They kept fighting inside the flames, but William retreated (with all stress boxes filled, and some wounds on top). Nathan finally pulled the sword all the way through the body and into the neck of the angel. Then he grabbed Robert and leapt out. Robert was burnt to a crisp… but alive. Lucas went and stabbed and chopped the almost dead angel a bit, and then they retreated.

Nathan, being the least wounded one, stood guard while the others watered themselves (being burnt and all). The probably not actually alive but still moving monstrosity came out. It was decapitaded and then looted for key items. The head was continously crying and mubling (until Lucas crushed it to a paste at a later point). They chilled out in town, grabbed all their relics, Nathan got his wife (still alive after the hotel was assaulted by cultists) and William visited the army lodging. They were all dead, and father Grant had been spiked through the eyes (as the other dead priests had been). The angel had been there before the bank robbery. They all rested in the church for the night.

The following day, Nathan wanted to scout around. It was the final day before the apocalypse. William and Lucas decided to just rest and prepare until the doom-day, so Nathan went alone, with only two boaters. The others got grenades, alchemical stuff, and whatever else they could muster up as preparation.

First he went to the cultist hideout on Somerset. They had left sometime during the night, after performing a nasty ritual in the city. After that he went to Yarnsmoth, a small town on the north-eastmost point of the isles. It was empty. Then he crossed back again, anchoring outside the Devil’s Ribs reef. He jumped in, and swam for the island. It was all dead, except for gnarled cedar wood. He found a weird outcropping in the coast… It looked kind of like an amphitheatre, so he swam down and looked. There was a tunnel, too long to be swam through. He sent Joffrey to tell the others, and went up towards the island’s center.

He almost reached the top, and then found a small tunnel into the mountain. He followed it, finally entering a grand chamber. It was enormous, stretching into the darkness infinitely far below him. He asked Joffrey to go down and scout. Joffrey returned (barely), ice-cold and exhausted croaking: “Cold… Dark…” It seemed pretty bad. After getting warmed on a fire, Joffrey went back to tell the de Popes to get over there tomorrow.

They hopped on the boat in the morning. Ahead of them, they spotted the two naval vessels that Joffrey had seen before, both heading towards the Devil’s Isle. While the smaller boat of the de Pope brothers caught up, the naval ships start blasting the reefs with their cannons. They then proceeded to ram their way through, almost to the island itself. The water level had sunk greatly, allowing entrance into the formerly underwater tunnel. While the people from the naval ships (Romanov (!) and some soldiers, as well as cultists) were entering, Nathan tried to stall for time (with wooden javelins).

When the rest of the party finally came to support him (with grenades!) he jumped down and rushed after Romanov into the tunnel (still stark naked). Lucas bombed the soldiers and cultists from orbit (well, the top of the ship, at least) with like 5 something grenades, and after a while he and William got into the tunnel as well.

Nathan met two men blocking the tunnel, swollen with unnatural size and muscle. He started fighting them as Romanov tried to run, but when he heard support was coming he parkour-d past them and started the chase. As he came closer, another person threw themselves in the way, but Nathan performed a nice tackle and continued.

Lucas tossed a lot of (not entirely safe) grenades, and then he too ran past the guards, leaving William to deal with them. William eventually finished off both of them, but not before Nathan had caught and cleanly decaptitated Romanov. The final figure just stood still, holding a lantern. It face was covered with a bag, and it was very large for a human. Then something scurried out of Romanov’s chopped off neck, up the persons legs and torso, and into the hood. The thing began moving. The hood was removed.

It was Bob, their long lost companion. Well, his body at least. A stare-down began, and Bob’s body went to open the door at the end of the hallway. Nathan would have none of that, though, and a wrestling match began. The lantern was smashed, Lucas arrived and joined, and it was a huge mess. In the end Nathan got formerly Bob down, and it turned into a monster similar to the one they’d fought before, shaped a bit like a deformed gorilla-lizard hybrid. It vomited a gout of blood and grew.

Several more grenades were tossed at this thing (with Nathan literally riding on its back in the meantime). Then the room was evacuated and all the remaing grenades tossed in at once. A huge blast ensued, then silence, followed by the door being ripped of it hinges.

We closed the scene at them finishing off the badly wounded beast, and about to chase the scurrying thing into the darkness beyond.

That was the session, more or less. So many things that could have been different, but that’s the strength of player-chosen paths! If they had done differently, gone to different places at different times, they would have been able to influence what happened there (at the expense of not being able to do anything about the other places, of course). Some secrets could have been revealed, some secrets died, and some are probably out. Now we just need to clean up the house come for the funeral… of the campaign. Hopefully it will be a memorable finisher!


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