And suddenly, there’s winter. From a decent autumn now there’s snow and cold, and very delayed buses. Apart from that, I’m still working on my “in-between” campaign. Here’s some random thoughts that might or might not concern it…


Depending on where you live, weather can get pretty bad. It makes travel difficult, or even dangerous, and changes the way we perceive the outdoors. In the summer we can just put a pair of shoes on and walk out the door. In the winter, you need to put on some serious clothes before going outside. (This is all from a Sweden perspective, mind you). This is supposed to be a thing in the viking RPG I’m not actually making at the moment. During the winter, adventuring might be hard. Travel is slow, if possible at all, and there’s no easy ways of producing more food. Thus, winter can be a period of down-time.

In a Crawl Campaign

That is dungeon- or wilderness crawl, or in something similar where you set out and adventure, but return to civilization time and again. Then, the winter months can be a  time where you let the players sit back, have their characters train for a while, gather up information, research spells, and other time-consuming activities. It can be a good time for those just staying out in dungeons 24/7 to get a natural break for their “city actions” or whatever. A standard rhythm for play might help sometimes.

In a Survival Campaign

Here, winter is a threat. It’s looming over the characters during the milder seasons, forcing them to stock up on food and build a shelter before the winter hits. It’s a time limit before you are forced to wait it out (unless you wish to brave the elements). This could possibly up the tension when the danger of nature is a thing.


This was just me thinking about winter after it came here a few days ago. Literally during one day or two, it went from being a cold but clear to like two decimeters of snow. Anyways, I felt like a seasonal cycle could add something to someone’s game, perhaps.


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