Prepare for some more D&D…

The in-between campaign has been decided: some grimdark D&D in a renessaince-era world. I’m thinking it as a slightly dark souls-esque world with some eaten bits of empire of gold (R.I.P.) and other strange things. I’m already writing things up for it.

So, I’m borrowing more things from Last Gasp probably. That place is full of creepy, weird, horrible things. And from other sources as well, probably. Here’s some things I’m thinking about…

  • Saving throws fully based on attributes, or with little influence from levels.
  • Classes and levels giving very specialized benefits and abilities.
  • Having side skills practicable kind of separately from class levels.
  • Character traits giving exp. if played out properly.
  • A level 0 funnel with 4 characters per person, leaving a few in the end.
  • City-states in a semi-apocalyptic world.
  • Ancient ruins and horrible creatures.
  • Interesting spell casters.
  • Throwing in actual medieval alchemy, astrology, and tarot.

So, there’s some things. I’m sure I’ve missed some things too.

It’s going to be fun!


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