Darkest Nights – Final Session

We played the last sessions of the Darkest Nights campaign yesterday. I might very well make another one in the future, as I like the style of both the setting and system. However, it’s over for now. It was good, and I’d like to Think that I’m getting at least a little bit better at being a GM.

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Darkest Nights – Session 15

As I mentioned, this was pretty much the last session of the campaign. All that’s left is some rounding up, the ending scene, itself, and the aftermath. I think it was a pretty good session. They finally felled “the wolf”, crushed the cult (more or less), and got almost all of the key items. It might have been pretty close at times though.

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Darkest Nights – Semifinal Session

We had our almost-last session of Darkest Nights today. A good six hours too, so we got a lot done. Too much almost, as there’s only a bit of finishing up left for next session. So that’ll be a short one, and then it’s over. That feels slightly weird, but I have huge amounts of ideas for new campaigns already (apart from the “break campaign” that I’ll run in between) so that’s fun. Also, at least one of them is another Darkest Nights campaign too! But it went well, and we’ll do the last one in the coming week or two, hopefully. I’ll try to create the report soon too, but I have a bit of school work coming up so don’t expect it before, at an absolute earliest, wednsday. I hope I still remember everything by then…