More Random Oldschool D&D

We played a session three of the OD&D-frankenstein dungeon crawl today, as one player was absent. They got some done, and I got another rush to keep fixing up my own retroclone. It’s still a very different beast to more role-play-y rpgs. It’s still fun, though.

Some notes

  • The lethality seems about right. This far in these 3 (?) sessions a total of 3 characters have died, I think. Mostly to bad luck and bad decisions. Seems okay.
  • I should probably fix the randomly rolled and then permanently set HP. Several characters sit at 1 HP and that means they go down pretty easily.
  • Stats are okay as 3d6 in order, as I give characters “consolation points” for bad rolls. Though maybe I should allow stat training in town…
  • Skills are getting clarified an expanded. Skill training is a thing now.
  • “Target 20” attacks (like the ones used in SWN) is pretty fast and nice, but I still wonder about armor as damage reduction. DR adds a nice other level to combat…
  • Maybe leveling should be accelerated, there’s still not a single level two character. The one original character that was in this session has like 600 exp. I think.
  • I used a new cleric based on the Mystic from Last Gasp for a new character. It worked pretty decently, but I need put in a way to make som prayers more reliable. Sometimes I felt there were just a little too many complications on them. Maybe the gods simply didn’t like him.

I’m also thinking of switching in a little of weirdness, some more harshness, and more advanced characters and actually rolling this as an actual campaign. Or maybe just toss in a bit of this in my next Darkest Nights run. Who knows? I think I actually like this more than 5e D&D too. 5e is decent, but there are other games that are better at being a medium rules roleplaying games, or at least better ways to do it. The OSR kind rules are special though. They fit their play-style well and lead to fun gameplay. Now, no more ranting.


4 thoughts on “More Random Oldschool D&D

  1. Some suggestions

    First HP roll (lvl 1) could be with advantage to decrese number of characters with 1 HP

    Armour could be changed in two ways
    1. make characters with heavier armor easier to hit
    2. Change Armour Class to Evasion Rate and use armour only for dmg reduction

    You Could change shields to work more as cover against projectiles instead of +1 AC

    As it’s not as lethal as ODnD it’s not as necessary to fast level characters but could the low xp come from the fact that you applied it on 4 characters originally and now that we use 6-9 characters, the sytem isn’t adjusted?

    There is only One Firelord, not multiple gods 😛


    1. Well, maybe it wasn’t the firelord that disliked you but another god ;p And on the HP thing, rerolling every week resting in town could work, making hit points more fluid. But it’s working for now at least :p


  2. Oh, that’s how it works? Gods sabotaging each other in spirit 👅.
    Hm could be intresting, but What is the gain/loss of that kind of system except a character isn’t looked at 1 hp and “it’s different”?


    1. If you reroll HP lots of times it would even out to the average result in the long run. The problem with only rolling once is that even if you roll 5d12 hp you could get 5 hp, however slim the chance, and then you’re stuck with 15% of the hp you “should” have.


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