Darkest Nights – Session 14

I’m good at this I promise! I just finished writing the report on last session, after we played this one. School eats a lot of time now. Anyways, we got another one in, and it was good as usual. They got something back, found some things, got beaten down, and made an enemy. Sounds like a nice day, eh? 48 hours to doomsday.

The Cast

  • Nathan Stark. Down to earth and direct monster killer.
    • Maria. Wife who’s staying in a fancy hotel (with guards).
  • Lucas De Pope. Former mercenary just trying to stop the end.
    • Joffrey. Speaking raven that can find people.
    • Robert. (I didn’t forget him this time).
  • William De Pope. Army chaplain that’s getting pulled into this thing.
    • Christian and Francis. Last remaining specialist soldiers.

We began in a room in the barracks. William was trying to force out the last information about the key items from Nathan and Lucas. They didn’t want to incriminate themselves, and so William locked them into the room. And… they immediately escaped through the window. There was no time to waste! They returned to their house, picked up some things, and went to the docks. Then they realized that there wasn’t any sailors around, and really, they should be going for the abandoned mansion on the south of the island, so they turned around.

When they arrived back at their house (to get their horses) a bunch of rowdy soldiers were searching their house (at William’s orders), and William was there as well. Luckily, the horses were in a separate house and they were able to sneak them and the carriage away before they were even noticed. When they left the city gate, they spotted Cynthia, one of the priest-quartet. She was nailed through the eyes to the gate itself. Another priest killed. They decided they didn’t have time to handle that at the moment, and proceeded past the corpse.

They drove all the way to the southernmost end of the island, and found the (no longer) empty house. They searched it quickly, finding a failed ritual circle that had been ruined, a lot of dead cultists, and even one of the higher ranking ones dead. Clearly someone had taken care of everything there, including any useful information or relics.

During this time, William had quickly rummaged through Nathan’s occult books, went back to the barracks, and ridden out towards that same house. He passed the same corpse, and sent Francis back with the message, proceeding with just Christian the captain. They arrived at the house just a bit later. Christian was sent to look for Nathan and Lucas, while William looked inside. The dead cultists were still dead, but the other protagonists were running away again. He noticed just as they had escaped through a window.

YOU FORGOT YOUR F**KING WEAPONS!!!” (This was shouted several times, along with “F**KING IDIOTS!!!”. William was upset, and less censored than this blog).

Nathan was first to the carriage, where he met Christian the extremely pissed soldier. They scuffled a bit, and then William broke them up. He finally forced them to tell him about the relic keys that control the apocalypse day’s outcome, and how many they had. The secrets were begrudgingly revealed (at least most of it). Then they returned to Rozenburg.

They went towards the church, where’d Francis had been sent. Nathan tracked Cynthia’s horse (it had been knifed), they found a book with a crescent moon imprint (the moon itself was missing). They concluded it was another one of the relics that they had just missed. Going towards the church, they found Francis with a torn apart leg hiding in an apartment. He had been attacked by cultists, hounds, and seen a huge beast. They brought Francis and the corpse to the church, and spoke some with Reginald. After that they left to follow the cultist group. The following bit was easy. They passed the antiquary (which had been run by Nathan’s now murdered friend), and all the things he had stowed away in a safe were very stolen.

Down the street, they heard the sounds of a fight. When they arrived they found the beast they had heard about (with the shape of an overgrown gorilla-lizard hybrid, and the face of the cult leader they had captured before. it was exceedingly chaotic in appearance). It was fighting the so-called “wolf” an androgynous 3-meter tall David-lookalike. They just joined the fight right then and there. It ended up being William and the two sidekicks against the beast after a while, with Lucas and Nathan going after the “wolf” in a room overlooking the street. The fight against the beast went pretty bad. Christian got killed dead, Robert got mauled a bunched but dragged (the then still living)  Christian to safety, and William lost some of his gear, got wounded, and ran to help his brother.

The other fight went marginally better. The wolf got some minor wounds. Nathan got punched to near unconsciousness and probably broke a couple of bones. He and Lucas eventually got the gauntlet (of weapon aversion) off from the “wolf” and Nathan made a desperate escape. Lucas got the still living beast to climb into the room, got somewhat scratched, and he and William made their exit as well. They all got away in the end.

They rested a bit, and then got a boat to examine the last known location that could be a hiding place for the cultists. Some trustworthy mariners from the barracks drove the boat. When they arrived at the old seat of the Somerset company, Lucas (the least wounded from the party) and three sailors went ahead to scout the building. About two seconds after entering Lucas is threatened with guns from behind. Oh noes, the sailors were traitors. He drops a smoke bomb and a strange brawl breaks out. Everyone but Nathan runs up to the house, shooting and stabbing into the smoke and all in all not being very effective. After a while, they ran away.

In the meantime, Nathan smashed the last sailor there into the rocks, ran down and tossed him at one in the ship, jumped in, slammed a door into the last one’s head, and kicked him down the stairs. Somehow, all those sailors fell down into the water and drowned too. Everyone climbed into the boat, and they steamed away.

They locked up in an empty house, and slept to the next morning. That was the end of the session, and it went pretty well I think. They got a small victory and a big enemy, so that bodes well for the next session.

There’s probably only 1-3 sessions left. 1 if they all die, and more if they draw things out. Hopefully the conclusion will deliver.


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