Darkest Nights – Session 12

We had another session today, and I haven’t even finished writing session 11 yet… Really, I’ll just do that right now. So, I’m back now! Good work me. Anyways, we had a proper 6 hour session, which was great. A LOT of things went down, and the apocalypse might just have begun. Yeah, I know.

The Cast

  • Nathan Stark. Apparently incredibly athletic and strangely good at swordfighting.
    • Maria. Wife that’s still just a tad traumatized.
  • Lucas de Pope. Former mercenary with bad luck at the rolls today.
    • Joffrey. Raving raven that can speak human.
  • William de Pope. Army chaplain hanging out with the thugs above.
    • Christian. Captain of the last remaining soldier.

The Plot

We caught up again with Lucas and Nathan clearing up their house (remove evidence!) and William coming to visit. They shared some information, with Lucas and Nathan withholding some incriminating things about themselves, like the kidnappings and their possession of some of the strange keys to hell or whatever they are. After this they went to the city archive and gathered some information on large, abandoned buildings on the isles, and found out four possible locations: one on the southern island, two on the northern one, and another one on Somerset. Deciding to investigate, they went for those up north.

After taking the ferry across the strait, the first building turned out to be a former factory storage. Inside, most of the boxes were long gone, but four dried corpses hung above the floor from chains, suspended above a ritual circle. That seemed ominous. The rest was empty, save for a forgotten pack containing some stale bread, a creepy hood, a creepier knife, and some kind of cult amulet. They were too late for this location.

After quickly ruining the circle and taking down the corpses, they rushed ahead. They took a coach along the way, and reached the ruin by midday. It had been a remote cloister, so the group had to walk across a rocky plain to get close. They snuck up the path and through the garden. Entering through the kitchen, they noticed that someone had been living there. Nathan and Lucas skulked onwards, leaving William and the soldier to guard the rear.

The bottom floor was mostly empty. The second floor as well, but there were obviously people living in the rooms. In one of them, a last person was packing a bag. Nathan looked up the last rooms while Lucas spied, but no other people were found. However, in the final room, a complex magic circle had been drawn. Nathan carefully scratched out a bit of it. Then they decided to wait and see what this lone person would do. He walked out to the circle, drew blood from his hand, and slammed into the middle of the circle. The room darkened. Lucas, with his ghost-seeing eyes, could make out a misty form stretching its arm out, and grasping that of the summoning man. It ended, and the man staggered by, blood dripping fast from his wound. They let him go downstairs and took a last look at the room. They found nothing more.

Meanwhile, William had gotten a bad feeling, and so he and the soldier returned to the house. They spotted the man through the door, slumped against the wall and spraying blood everywhere. He began to scream, with throat-rending loudness, and they decided to subdue him. That was easiest said than done, and it was going against them until Nathan hammer-punched the man in the back of his head. Then it merely became an hour-long wrestling match (there against one) while William performed a rushed exorcism.

When they at last were done, they moved to the northmost village to rest. They went to bed (que ominous music).

When the clock struck twelve they all woke up. An unnatural red glow came from Rozenburg. Something had happened while they were away. Throwing all the government money he had left around, William managed to get them there in record speed: around two hours. What met them there wasn’t pretty. A huge circle covered the city, painted in a flood of blood that seemed to move on its own. Nathan rushed to the house, only to find both Robert and Maria safe, though it seemed Robert had shot every bullet available at… something. He shakily told Nathan that a large beast had broken out of the cellar, and run away with both Romanov and the magical tome they had.

In the meantime Lucas checked up that the two key items they had in the bank were okay. They were unstolen. The streets, however, were littered with crazy and aggressive people. They were attacking civilians in the streets, and the situation was pretty bad. The group decided to check out the castle. On his way to the meeting spot, Nathan passed by Mr Rivers house. The antiquarian had been murdered, but ruined his own key intentionally before his death. Nathan checked out the safe (he had the spare key). Inside were several items, and he grabbed the largest before he left. It was a sword, and came to use just outside the door when a demented man jumped him with a knife.

They grabbed a rowing boat and went towards the castle. In the middle of the bloody circle was a maelstrom, with a tower piercing upwards, rising out of the waves. They decided to avoid it for now (you don’t want to sail into that, really). They searched the castle. It was empty, save for whatever was left from last time, and the strangely flowing flood of blood, which passed through the castle and out on the other side. They quickly turned back towards the rising tower.

When they reached it, the maelstrom had calmed, and the swirling water was still enough to traverse, but they weren’t the first one’s there. A larger boat had already reached it, and those people were already a floor or two up when the party entered. They moved ahead, only stopping long enough for father Grant to read the inscriptions on each floor before going on ahead. They were all strangely disturbing variants of the creation story from the bible. They caught up with the others on the fourth floor. Lucas tossed one of the alchemical smoke flasks he had bought, and the chamber was filled with nasty, acrid smoke. A chaotic fight broke out, Nathan charged towards the stair up to cut them off, but was met by a few robed people with spears. He took two of the down and passed the last, but not before the robe’s leader had gotten a large head-start. Lucas, William, captain Christian, and father Grant took the fight with the remaining five robed lancers. In the end they took care of it, but not before father Grant took a huge wound and was put in critical condition, and Christian had an awful time of not hitting that last guy for a long while. Nathan rushed upwards, threw a half-decent cut at the robe leader, and narrowly dodged the last soldiers thrust. That guy was kicked out of a hole in the tower wall. Lucas chased upwards too, while William performed first aid on Grant.

Now something started climbing the tower on the outside. Something more was coming. The leader of the cultists reached for something in the roof, but Nathan finished him off quickly. On the inside of the tower’s peak was a small red thing, beating faintly like a heart. It was taken down with the robed man’s staff (apparently custom-made for this). It was warm, red, glowing slightly, and fit neatly in the palm of his hand. As Lucas reached the top floor, so did the thing on the outside. It was a person, way over 2 meters tall, and with the looks of a perfect greek marble statue. It stretched out a hand, and just said:

“Would you please give me what’s mine?”

A little scuffle followed, with Nathan attempting to toss the heart and cut it in the air. That ended with the huge person blocking Nathan’s cut with its arm, and catching the thing (which was promptly swallowed). More chaos and wrestling piles followed, ending with several good shots just glancing off this things skin (the only thing even drawing a drop of blood was Nathan’s sword cut). In the end Christian fled in terror, Lucas and Nathan got punched a load, and the magical gauntlet (that deflects attacks, and also one of the nine keys) got stolen. It was not a good day.

They fled back to the city, made some preparations, and then we ended there.


So yeah, that’s the session. It was fun! I got to introduce “the wolf” that they’ve been told (and warned) about. It’s possibly even more powerful than they thought. And miracolously, nobody died. That might actually just have been that thing being merciful though. They lost one key they were going for, and one they had, so the situation got worse. They learned that normal weapons have no effect on the thing either. And… I think that’s it for that session.




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