Darkest Nights – Session 11

Here’s the other part of that pair of sessions. This was another short session, but the new character was actually forced to interact with the rest of the party a bit! Woop!

  • Nathan Stark. Monster slayer, whose Compassion score is now… 1.
    • Maria. Rescued wife who’s resting at home
  • Lucas de Pope. Ghost-seer who killed his nemesis.
    • Joffrey. Speaking raven.
  • William de Pope. Army chaplain wishing to avenge his dead soldiers.
    • Captain and Francis. Remaining soldiers.

We began anew quickly, as it had just been a day since last time. William was still in the asylum, picking up whatever poor evedince he could find. It was brought back to the army house in Rozenburg.

Lucas was mulling over the prophecy-thing they had, counting up key-items they had or knew about. It was realized that they had around four of the nine mentioned.

The session was mostly talking and looking around. Lucas checked out the list with Reginald and the priests, and found that one of them had been murdered with spikes through his eyes. He got advice on what the items might be, and then William came along to speak with Reginald. This forced the brothers to interact a bit in the church, which was a bit interesting. Some kind of cooperation was agreed upon, though Lucas tried and failed to get them to write a contract.

The session was quite short, and for some reason I don’t remember too much distinct details (that might be because it was like two weeks ago or more. Oops). I believe there was quite a bit of minor investigations and not much else.


2 thoughts on “Darkest Nights – Session 11

  1. There was burning of evil cross for william, delivery of info dump on willam and prests. Panic about William arriving at house. Uncovery of a lot of unknown items in the verse through talking with priests. Also repairing and fixing wagon and broken house?


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