Quick n’ Dirty OD&D

We played a session of kind-of OD&D today. One player was missing so this was the backup. I think it was very interesting, as it’s very different from the more story-focused game I run now. D&D in every edition is more dungeon-crawl oriented than what I normally play, but the OSR-games are really quite good. I think this will be my go-to backup game for occasions when someone can’t make it.

The System

  • “Target Twenty” hit system: roll 1d20 + attack bonus + target’s armor class.
  • 1d6 HP per level, 1d6 damage weapons (except for swords).
  • Had some skills, based on 2d6 like the old reaction roll.
  • The classes were fighter, thief, wizard, cleric, and ranger.
  • No immediate death at 0 HP, but bleed-out and wounds.
  • A consolation-prize bonus for low stats (extra skills, money, or even spells).

Things That Happened

Both players started with two characters each, who set out to explore Grayreach the ruined castle. Upon arriving, they climbed across the outer wall. The thief managed to open up the castle’s front door. And the warrior found a weakness in the floor inside. The thief fell in, because of not paying attention. Thief at 0 HP with a broken leg rescued from hole.

They explored part of the first floor, then proceeded to second. Found spiders. Spiders killed thief, KO-d wizard. Warrior kills four spiders, ranger kills two. The last one escapes. They gather up some random bits from nearby rooms, and load their horses. Deciding that this is a bad haul, they locate what they think is the duke’s room on the third floor. A grappling hook later, they’re inside. They find rings, a fancy sword, and some bear pelts, in addition to a secret chamber with *gasp* +1 plate armor inside. It’s worth more than everything they have, and so the warrior wears it. They investigate an adjacent room, finds goblins which they promptly kill without even trying to talk to. Goblins die.

They return to town with the good haul, and rest up for a few days. The next time they set out, three more have joined the them for a total of six (they needed more).

This time they explore the hidden back entrance, pass some traps, and kill a troll… They think. After a sound ganking, they leave it for dead and climb up to finish off the first floor. When they get back down, it smacks the warrior good, putting him to -4 HP. After that the troll is once again ganked to negative hit points, and then decapitated. Dead. Tunnels are explored, and a straight corridor found. It leads past three traps (all triggered with corpses on), and to a room with three people talking. They are immediately captured, and the wizard takes the magic sword, succeeding on his save vs. berserking. Passing back, they loot the catacombs, and proceed into the depths.

They find a large flying, and scaled, beast’s empty lair, and then the goblin town. 20 goblins are killed, but the cleric is put to -14 HP and dies horribly. The goblin town is looted and they return once again to town.

In total, they got around 1250 gp back, plus three magic items (I might have been generous there) and some strange ore. The oldest three characters are at 410 experiance each. If we continue this backup another time they can keep their characters, so that’s stored.


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