OSR D&D – Ability scores & “Consolation Points”

This is a thing I’m using in my backup D&D Campaign of oldschool nature. It’s a little band-aid on random ability scores’ tendency to dole out characters of very different capability. And as I think 3d6-in-order is pretty fun at its core, I didn’t want to throw it out of the game. Thus, “consolation points” were born.

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More Random Oldschool D&D

We played a session three of the OD&D-frankenstein dungeon crawl today, as one player was absent. They got some done, and I got another rush to keep fixing up my own retroclone. It’s still a very different beast to more role-play-y rpgs. It’s still fun, though.

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Quick n’ Dirty OD&D

We played a session of kind-of OD&D today. One player was missing so this was the backup. I think it was very interesting, as it’s very different from the more story-focused game I run now. D&D in every edition is more dungeon-crawl oriented than what I normally play, but the OSR-games are really quite good. I think this will be my go-to backup game for occasions when someone can’t make it.

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