Darkest Nights – Session 10

Sessions 10 and 11 took place within a day of each other, and were only 2-3 hours each, so expect another post rather soon. In the end, the new character to missed the party this time, but it was pretty decent anyways.

  • Nathan Stark. Now rather ruthless opposer of demons and magic.
    • Mar
  • Lucas de Pope. Formerly revenge-driven, now without a clear path.
    • Joffrey. Speaking raven.
  • William de Pope. Specialist army chaplain looking for conspiracies.
    • Soldiers. A conspiracy-hunting squad of 5.

It was the morning after last time. Without a long rest, Lucas and Nathan began to move. Approaching doom leaves no idle moments. He “questioned” Romanov very gently (no toes were actually cut off), and learned that the strange group looking for the “key items” had another base: a long defunct asylum. Eager to get going, they left quickly in their carriage. Arriving at midday, they were met by a bleak sight. A large house, covered in partially eroded white plaster stood on a cliff above the sea. They left their carriage, and went to look around. The rusted fence was easily bypassed, and the house was breached through a hidden entrance on the back. The first floor was empty, save for footprints in the dust and abandoned journals and medicine. Sneaking up a floor they found regular commoners loading bags with irregular things.

During this time, William had received word that his lost soldier had escaped. He found him in the barracks, and was told of a strange white house the soldier had managed to escape from. There was no time to waste. He gathered his other four soldiers, and they left as well. Arriving at the noted location, a readied carriage was discovered. They left one soldier to lie in wait for whoever owned it, and stormed inside. The first floor was (still) empty, and they carefully proceeded upwards.

In the meantime Nathan and Lucas finished scouted floor two and instead gone up to the third one. They were met by the sounds of a man being very upset because a prisoner had escaped. He was shouting at his second-in-command, and thus didn’t notice the skulkers. They found the other wing of the floor damaged beyond repair, and went higher still.

The squad had themselves explored the second floor without being noticed. The captain was unwilling to attack the suspects while leaving his back open, so they ascended the stairs. They came upon the scolded man who was leaving, and promptly knocked him out. They captured him, and then did the same with the suspected leader (the nobleman who had mysteriously run away last time). Feeling that the time to strike was now, they began the assault at the people downstairs, who responded fiercely.

The pair had meanwhile searched the top floor. It consisted of 8 isolation cells. One kept a deranged person in a mask and straightjacket. They didn’t have time to get him before the firefight started. In this escalating situation, getting out fast seemed like a good option. Going down the stairs they found the third floor deserted. They quickly rummaged through the writing room, grabbed both the golden disk they had given to the cultists that one time, and a creepy book, they once again made for the way out. Spotting what they assumed to be the captured leader, they chopped him loose (yes, the other guy’s hand had to go) from his equally captured companion, and made a run for it. They passed the gunfight without being noticed, and escaped to their carriage.

The battle was not as easy as the trained soldiers had expected. Despite their superior training they were falling prey to being fewer, and surprisingly evenly matched in weapons. William took one soldier and went around the looping path to flank the enemies, but his soldier was badly shot by crazies (who had had the same idea). William charged forward, killing one and following the other into the barricaded room. He just barely avoided the tossed grenade, which then blew out part of the wall together with the wounded soldier. His soldiers attacked from the other side and a violent melee was joined in the room. When the situation seemed uncertain, the last solder joined in. He had been persuaded to leave Nathan and Lucas in favor of helping his comrades. They turned the tide, William slashing with his saber and throwing him down before they proceeded to round up the last few ones. Feeling in control, he had left his guard down. The cut-but-not-killed cultist had crawled over to the weapons bag, grabbed a grenade, and lit it.

“You’ll never take us all.”

William dove for cover, as did the captain (after a morale roll). The last unwounded soldier leapt for the grenade trying to put it out. He failed miserably. The house shook with a massive explosion.

The two still living stood up, covered with splinters and grazes. The room was gone, and the entire side of the building was collapsing. William sent the captain back to get reinforcements, and waited back himself. They were both sad and upset at the situation, and it didn’t get better by them not getting any proper evidence or prisoners. There were only some weapons left, a bag of notes written in an unknown language, and what seemed to be a man-sized but dismantled cross. Nothing else was gained, and three men dead.

The others made it home safely, and threw their “stolen” prisoner into the cellar (with Romanov). The first session ended here, and I will write the other one… later. The thing about (almost) all the soldiers dying was not planned, but things happen. It was also pretty good (story-wise, at least), so I’m ok with that. Fearless cultists with explosives are scary.



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