Darkest Diceless?

As one of my players suggested… Going without dice (!) is an option. There are lots of these kinds systems I suppose, but I have never really played any of them. But still, it’s an interesting idea, and one that bears considering.


The base idea of one of these systems, I suppose, is to throw out dice in favor of, say, resource based challenges. There you bid your points on actions, and if you pay enough you succeed. Some kind of blind bid system might be in use where you spend a bunch of points and hope you don’t fall short, and don’t overspend. (I’m not too read-up on this kind of thing, so I’m making educated guesses on how it should work).


Well, there’s three types of solutions here. 1. Reject the diceless path. 2. Embrace it. 3. Merge it with dice (?!), keeping the best of both worlds.

And there seems to be multiple kinds of diceless systems too. Disregarding, cards, coin flips, rock-paper-scissors, and other chance generators, there’s pure resource systems. This is where bidding comes in. You have your pool of points (in this case I think I’d use Fate and Grit combined for this purpose ), which you spend to succeed when your capabilities are in question.

I’m leaning towards a hybrid method, where you mostly depend on skill levels for results, can spend a point or two (out of your limited pool of 4-8 maybe) to boost your chances, and if it’s still unsure, roll a die and pray.

This requires more contemplation, but it’s interesting to be sure. There will certainly be more of these posts.



2 thoughts on “Darkest Diceless?

  1. I know you didn’t do it here, so that makes my comment a bit of a non-sequitur, but I can’t hold it in. I hate when people call a system “diceless” when all they do is use another random number generator, like cards or coin flips. I guess, in the truest sense of the word, it’s “correct,” but I thought the semantic meaning of “diceless” was “no random number generation.”

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    1. I can totally understand that, and I agree. That’s actually the reason I added “card draw” as an option to my “alternative dice methods” list. I just felt that I should clarify here that I didn’t mean any of the technically “diceless” chance generators with what I wrote. What I think of when I say “diceless” is actually the resource bid systems, so that’s what I (briefly) covered here. Maybe I should clarify that a bit more in the follow-up to this that will eventually be created. ;p


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