Darkest Nights – Session 9

We got a 2-hour session in. That’s pretty short, but even that is appreciated when it’s a month since last time. I enjoyed it, and we got somewhere with the story. This was a day ago now, I didn’t manage to finish the post during Sunday. Things might be slightly misremembered.

The Cast

  • Nathan Stark. Professional monster puncher.
    • Maria. Kidnapped wife.
  • Lucas De Pope. Mercenary with dark past.
    • Joffrey. Talking raven.
  • William De Pope. Above’s brother, who’s a chaplain (military priest).  

The Cliffhanger

We began where we left off last time, with Lucas fallen into the water with his nemesis, the red-booted man, and Nathan trying to get his wife of the pillar where she was chained. But first the surreal experience of Lucas…

He was standing on an incredibly vast field of downtrodden, dead, grass. The sky was a washed-out gray, looking like the surface of distant waters from below. Looking around him, he found red boots standing behind him looking… vague. His appearance seemed shifting, apart from the blood-red boots. While the man seemed confused, Lucas asked him who he was, without getting a proper answer. Red boots then shifted back to his malign old self, mocking Lucas who wanted to know how to get out. He told him:

“I must be alone here, and then I close my eyes, and wake up outside.”

Unsatisfied with that answer, Lucas stabbed him in the throat. Through the blood gushing out through his grinning lips man spoke again.

“Yes. To be alone, we fight.”

Nathan was in the cave where Maria was chained up. The chains were attached to a stalagmite-tite (two had merged in the middle) and Nathan immediately decided to crush it. While the strange, drugged, people on the floor started crawling towards them, he leapt up and struck it with his axe, breaking it clean off (double 6). While he got her loose, they started hanging on to them. As they walked towards the rope they started grabbing Maria’s clothes and legs, all the while mumbling confusedly. They were violently kicked off. When they reached the well, Nathan realized he couldn’t leave the weakened Maria with the strange people while he climbed first to pull her up. Being a practical, and somewhat ruthless man, he got the revolver that Chief had given him, and executed every single last one of them. Then he got her out of the lower chamber, and they rested.

William and his five soldiers of the special investigation squad had just entered the strange tunnel they had found on an islet off from the ruined castle. It proceeded under the sea towards the dungeons, and they crossed without difficulties. Before entering truly under the castle island William just spotted a thin line in the lantern light, stopping his soldiers. When examined, it turned out to be a trap trigger. They continued after disarming it and reached a small chamber, filled with escape supplies, where they met a man who seemingly had just escaped from his chains. He remarked that he had not expected to find any other people here, after that kind man had given him the key to his bonds. The indicated person was in a wheelchair, dead, with a trail of blood into the corridor. (Chief actually, but William knows nothing of that). He was sent to their ship with one of the soldiers, and the others followed the blood to the chamber where Lucas fell into the water and Nathan rescued his wife, and eventually came upon them. William detained them for questioning, and went to look for “Lucas” who should be around. He wasn’t, though they found out that the dead man had been searched for things, and their boat was gone. Not good.

Lucas was standing in a large room, filled with shelves. He threw his enemy to the floor, and tried to subdue him. They struggled, and he was asked what he was fighting for. His reply, revenge, was apparently not enough. What is revenge really? The madman threw Lucas away, and stood up. He started looking through the shelves, turning them over when he couldn’t find what he was looking for, and generally rampaging through the room. Lucas got to his feet, and looked at what was stored here. Heads. Perfectly preserved human heads. Then his nemesis returned, holding a fresh head by the hair. Mathilda, Lucas dead lover, who’s aged skull he had just buried. Was this what he was fighting for? When red-boots turned away, speaking of the hole in a soul, Lucas, with Mathilda’s head in one hand, pulled out his revolver, and made a hole in the back of the man’s head.

William detained Nathan and wife for questioning. Nathan recognized the appearance Of an De Pope, and made an off-handedand  comment about”the chaplain’s brother”. William actually went to look for Lucas who was nowhere to be found. Nathan was interrogated about the 40-odd corpses spread through the halls, but no satisfactory answer could be provided. A second search was performed, which found out that the dead man had been searched for things, and their boat was gone. Not good.

Lucas fell to his knees, splashing thigh deep into blood. The seemingly immortal man was still walking around in this new location: a small amphitheatre-like chamber filled with blood and mad people. Most of them were wounded, some obviosly bearing mortal wounds that Lucas had dealt to his enemy (who obviously hadn’t died). Wondering how he could get out, he mused that this might be his personal hell. He spoke to a person, managed to get his attention, and asked about who he was. The wounded man croaked that he wanted to kill the man in red boots, and was looking for him. When pointed in the right direction he lunged at him and was battered down. The others seemed equally lost, but less contactable. Was it time to let go? He held up Mathildas head, and shot her. The the head flew broken into the bloody mess, but red-boots screamed.

“What are you doing?! What will you fight for now? You’ll be even more empty inside!”

Lucas grabbed for the head in the gore, but couldn’t find it. Well then murder just might be the solution then. Every single lost soul was then knifed, and the madman as well.

After further examination and scouting, William and Nathan decided that they should return to Rozenburg. They went out of the castle, and signaled Nathan’s hired smuggle-captain to come. A small bribe and hewas unfazed about the switching of 30 thugs for six soldiers, and they returned to the Rozenburg garrison house for the night, Nathan still under supervision.

Lucas was standing on a thin stone path, surrounded by the abyss. In front of him lay the now-sobbing man, looking truly real for the first time. Seeing this wreck, he inquired about his humanity, name, and mortality. He was human once, his name long forgotten. On the subject of dying, he was unsure. Could Lucas ever Escape? He didn’t know. Feeling this a path’s end, Lucas leaned down, and took his foe’s hand.

“I forgive you.”

This seemed greatly shocking to blood-boots. What is forgiveness, really? What is a world without hate?

“Maybe, I can just let go…”

The man rolled off the path, into the endless darkness.

As Joffrey flew down through the night, Lucas stepped forward. He closed his eyes, and woke up outside.

After some finishing up, we ended there. I’m really happy that we finally got to this point. I like how this turned out, with Lucas’ personal arc. Hopefully I conveyed the strange Soul of the villain properly. Lucas got lots of “screen time” this session, and that’s ok. It was the end of a major arc of his. I, at least, was pretty satisfied.


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