Dumb and Possibly Useless Monsters

I just started university two days ago. That is, the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden. Aaand… I’m already exhausted, wow. And the dumbest part is that this is only the introduction week, filled with fun activities and parties… 26 hours a day. But it’s all good, I might actually survive another two weeks to see the real school days. Anyways, have some random monsters lol.

Rock Lizard

A stony reptile, around the size the largest dogs or a little bigger. It often sleeps clinging to the ceiling of caverns, waiting to be awoken by the slight tremors of walking creatures. Then they fall down like a horror movie thing and eat people’s faces. Or bide their time if they are outnumbered, perhaps select one of themselves to be a sacrificial bait while the others prepare an ambush.
Strength: a tad over average human.
Intelligence: as a very dumb human.
Speed: pretty fast.
Attacks: bity teeth and rendy claws, for about 1d6+1 D&D damage.

Many Goblins

A goblin that actually consists of several smaller goblins. Each time it’s injured it splits into two new goblins, each with half its “parent’s” original hit points. This continues forever. FOREVER. When each bit has less that 0 HP they are too small to do anything useful.
HP: 1d6x4
Attack: strike with various objects. Deals (max HP/4) die size damage (1 = d2, 2 = d4…)

Spooky Ghost

An incorporeal ghost. Can only be harmed with blessed weapons and spiritual magic. Hunts down the least brave-looking party member and spooks them. Otherwise does nothing. When spooked, make a fear/charisma/wisdom/magic saving throw. On a success you must attack the ghost reflexively, otherwise your spooked, run awaaaayyy!!!


That’s this silliness. I apologize for these sloppy monsters. I was tired and confused but felt the need to write something dumb as relaxation. We’ll see when I’ll be back here again.


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