Empire of Gold – Damage and Injury

Ah, this thing again.

Weapon Damage and Armor

I’m thinking of going the old route of all weapons dealing 1d6 damage, more or less. Hefty weapons would get +1 to this, two-handed weapons could roll 2d6 take highest. This constrains injury to a rather small spectrum, which I feel could work for this. Armor reduces this damage by 1-3 points.

Hit Points

I’m… still unsure of whether to use hit points or a stamina system. I like the idea of you gaining additional hit points after surviving wounds though. Whatever the case, you can avoid actual injury until you run out of hit points and/or stamina. Maybe 20 or 30 points is the cap, perhaps 5d6 hit dice or something. This means you can escape five average hits when you have five average hit dice. This takes some more thinking, perhaps, but something along these lines would work.


Now what happen when you run out of hit points? Injury, of course. That’s more serious than just some bruises or fatigue, and is actually physical harm that heals slowly. Critical hits might go directly to injuries, as could unavoidable attacks. Here’s the basic gist of it, remeniscent of any other Death & Dismemberment table. Hit location is 1d8, 1-2 is left and right leg respectively, 3-4 is arms, 5-7 is the torso, 8 is the head. (I might try compressing that into a d6 roll if the system gets all-d6 actually.)

You can survive total injury equal to your Constitution before you die. At injury equal to or exceeding your Constitution you might have to make a save or pass out. I’m toying with the idea of exploding damage dice or something along those lines to allow occasional huge hits.

And here are the individual wounds.

  • 1-2 damage. Flesh wound. No problem… Yet. Might get infected if not treated.
  • 3-4 damage. Fracture. Any strenous activity including the fractured body part requires a constitution check or the part is broken as per crippled, below.
  • 5-6 damage. Crippling. A body part is made useless. It cannot be used whatsoever.
  • 7-8 damage. Severed. A body part is cut off or destroyed. Head or torso is lethal.
  • 9+ damage. Dead. You are dead.

Roll a save against shock when being wounded to not be stunned or something. Also, 5+ damage will cause you to bleed for 1 injury per minute until treated.


Well this is the basic idea. I’m sure it will change lots as the system grows, but you have to start somewhere, right?


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