Empire of… Dark?

A few days ago, I had a realization. I had been thinking about both the Empire of Gold setting, and my Dark Souls rpg (which I haven’t actually posted on). It may come as a great surprise that I’ve been working on an RPG based on or inspired by Dark Souls, as my blog name in no way implies that I like that series of awesome games. Anyways, as I pondered these systems the line between them started to get blurred in my head. And why not, they could do well together. The more traditional “normal world” pieces of EoG had been boring all along, and the Dark Souls setting had kind of lacked direction. When these got together, I could use all the fun bits from both and have a world where people had a real good reason to “adventure”. 

Anyways, that means the old Empire of Gold is gone, at least for now, and all the interesting parts I can take from that moved over into the shattered world thing I had going on. I’ll post more on that in the future. Basically:

In short the world is ending, the remains of humanity is cowering inside a final bastion. The boundaries of reality is breaking, the world is crumbling at the edges, and so does the will and sanity of the people break as well. It’s all very Dark Souls-esque, with some wierd and horrible things thrown in to liven things up. Though it’s not Dark Souls but like it. Anyways, the idea was that the player’s, playing hollowing people have to go further and further out from the more or less safe central hub to get humanity and maybe complete their dreams before they go completely insane.

Hopefully it works out as a setting, and as a system. There are some bits that’s not easily moved, to the different kind of setting… Though maybe they are, now that I think about it. If I change the new setting about a bit… It does work, and it may be better… Well, then I’ll just go ahead.


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