Darkest Nights – Session 8

We got another session in. Good times. It was a good six hours too, so we got some stuff done… Though the more crazy stuff is just barely left for next time. That’s… Good I guess? Cliffhangers, kind of. Oh, and we still had only two players, though the third should join next time.

The Cast

  • Nathan Stark. Monster hunter with a rough attitude.
    • Maria. Currently kidnapped wife.
  • Lucas de Pope. Former mercenary, who’s is actually started fitness training.
    • Joffrey and Mathilda. Speaking raven and lover’s skull, respectively.
    • Robert. Last remaining of the exorcised possessed people.

Starting Date: Friday the 13th of March, 1840.

We returned the morning after the disappearing of Maria. They were over the worst shock, and had begun looking around for where the kidnappers had gone. While Lucas went to get some new gear (he lost some last time), Nathan tracked where a wagon had left with what should be his wife. Through some luck he managed to track it to a beach. It was the one where they had found the boat to the castle where the strange cult thing was. It seemed like they were the ones taking vengeance on Nathan for revealing them. They met up again and discussed what to do.

Though Nathan wanted to go save his wife, the soon-to-be exchange of the gauntlet of Gilgamesh somehow took precedence. They went over to where they had heard it would be, and sat there waiting. It took hours, and they almost missed him. A man, in a thick fur cloak, left with a forearm-sized package. Noticing this at the last second, Nathan dashed out after him, and tackled him down. While he tried to take the package from that awkward position, some black hats arrived. They stopped the wrestling and called everyone over to a station. The buyer was Romanov, the man who had bought the cursed painting a while ago. Nathan accused him of hiring grave robbers to steal the gauntlet, which was indeed in the package. A lack of evidence and manpower caused them all to be let go, and they instead stalked Romanov to his appartement.

After some sneaking around, they drugged the receptionist and stole the extra keys. They entered Romanov’s appartement somewhat stealthily, finding him packing the last bits and wearing the gauntlet. Trying to catch him unawares, they stepped on the most noisy plank in the appartement. He turned around, and they paused. A short discussion ensued, and they asked what he was after. He told them it was in his bag, which he then threw at them as he threw himself out of the window. Nathan’s danger sense told him the bag was bad. It was. In fact, it exploded. Lucas was somewhat shielded by the door frame, but Nathan took the brunt of it, burning all his stress boxes. Nonetheless he leapt out the window… And strained his leg. Still he ran after Romanov and Lucas followed.

After chasing him through all of the city, they saw him leap onto a boat which was leaving. Nathan failed to hook a rope onto the boat twice, but Lucas made a fantastic leap to the boat, catching onto the rails. Taking a grazing revolver shot, he finally managed to throw them both into the water. Then Nathan saved them both, as he was the only one that could properly swim. After taking Romanov’s things, they went home and chained him up. He was interrogated about his two cursed/magic items and their use, and he told them about the keys to the otherness’ prison. It seemed to be the dark deity mentioned in one of Nathan’s books. Apparently one could receive great power without releasing the strange being, with careful use of the keys named in the poem from last session.

A strange book their antiquarian friend sent them updated itself, saying “TWO OF THEM” in addition to “SOON IT AWAKENS”. It’s very creepy.

Deeming it too late to raid the cult, they sleep. The next day they rest up and prepare during the day, and Lucas gets Reginald the priest, and they bury the skull of Mathilda too. In the evening they hire a bunch of thugs as well as a boat. As they know the castle’s layout they assault quickly, rushing towards the dungeon. They make it down, break in, and kill the cultists’ suicide attackers. Passing the lower cells, they notice corpses with weird markings on but continue. After crushing some more strangely dumb cultists, Nathan takes half of the thugs and swim through the underwater tunnel, while Lucas takes the other half and examine the well. Seeing light, he climbs down. Down there is a lot of people. One is chained to a rock, and a most are KO on the ground. Then there’s Chief (the cult leader) and… The man in red boots, Lucas’ enemy. Screams come from above, and a man falls dead on top of the one climbing down. The red booted man taunts Lucas, and promptly gets shot in the head. The thug staggers over to bash the man’s head, but gets shot by Chief. Lucas talks a bit with chief, and then shoots him in the belly. When the red-booted man sits up he gets shot in the head again. Then Lucas walks over to the man, grabs the thug’s club, and bashes red-boot’s head in. And is promptly grabbed and dragged into the subterranean river. Splash.

In the meantime, Nathan climbs out of the water, to the sight of the thugs getting slaughtered by strange tattooed people. He grabs his wood-axe, and proceeds to chop through them with a series of great rolls, strewing their arms and head about him. Sliding down into the well, he spots the horribly bleeding Chief. He gets told that this will show him not to mess with the cult, and Chief throws him a gun and some bullets. “Save one for yourself” is Chief’s goodbye, as he rolls away in his wheelchair. Maria is the one chained to the pillar, and the knocked out people start moving slowly…

To be continued, next time. And just when we were getting to the strange stuff too. Ah, well, I guess that leaves some insanity for next time. It’s good to have the campaign back on, and I’ve kind of started thinking of patching the system too. It might even get published here sometime.


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