Darkest Nights – Grit and Injury

This is another thing I don’t think I’ve talked about how it works yet. Though this is actually another one of those musings for how I would like to change and refine my current system for its next incarnation. As I might have mentioned however, Darkest Nights is both a quite narrative/descriptive system, and a decently realistic one (on the non-supernatural side), so I definitely don’t want to just use a hit point system. Wounds just carry too much narrative potential, and hit point bloat is completely wrong for the feel of the game. Thus, I’ll try to create a light but effective injury system.

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Darkest Dice – a Dilemma

I’m not sure if I’ve talked about the way I resolve challenges in Darkest Nights. It works okay, but I want to change it to a more logical, readable, and clean system. I’ll now proceed to brainstorm alternatives which may or may not work, fit, or be used.

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Dumb and Possibly Useless Monsters

I just started university two days ago. That is, the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden. Aaand… I’m already exhausted, wow. And the dumbest part is that this is only the introduction week, filled with fun activities and parties… 26 hours a day. But it’s all good, I might actually survive another two weeks to see the real school days. Anyways, have some random monsters lol.

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Abstract Money Musings

I’ve been thinking about money and items in Darkest Nights, my current campaign. I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t think money-counting really fits with the style of game that it is. Sometimes play doesn’t center around how much money you have, and thus I have been pondering how to make cash a little more abstract and quick.

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Empire of… Dark?

A few days ago, I had a realization. I had been thinking about both the Empire of Gold setting, and my Dark Souls rpg (which I haven’t actually posted on). It may come as a great surprise that I’ve been working on an RPG based on or inspired by Dark Souls, as my blog name in no way implies that I like that series of awesome games. Anyways, as I pondered these systems the line between them started to get blurred in my head. And why not, they could do well together. The more traditional “normal world” pieces of EoG had been boring all along, and the Dark Souls setting had kind of lacked direction. When these got together, I could use all the fun bits from both and have a world where people had a real good reason to “adventure”.  Continue reading