Empire of Gold – Encumbrance and Fatigue

I’ve been pondering easy encumbrance and fatigue recently, mainly for Empire of Gold. Though the basic game system will probably be my go-to generic D&D clone, as one of those might be handy at times. Anyways, I kind of want to keep these rules light, but on the other hand… I kind of like the idea of having different levels of load-out weights. It’s a tough edget o balance on. On one hand you have “what do you mean I can’t carry twelve greatswords and 500 kilos of gold coins in my pocket”, on the other you have something crunchier than a pack of cereals with tens of weight levels and tracking every single gram. I’ll try to make it better than that, hopefully.

The Concept

I though of something like this: there are four (or five) total levels of physical weakness. Each one after 0 cuts 25% of your physical abilities, be it fighting skill, movement speed, strength checks, or what have you. I think percentile reduction is preferred to a flat penalty here, though really it should be a mix of both. The exact values can always be tweaked later. The levels are a total of 1: how encumbered you are. 2: how tired you are. 3: how injured you are. These levels stack up so you can carry less when you are wounded and tired. It should help out using the same system for multiple things with similar effects.


First off, for now I’ll say that your worn gear can take up no more than 2+STR mod “slots” without encumbering you, and up to twice that by encumbering you 1 level. The strength modifier should go from around -1 to +3 here. The slot could take two daggers or a sword, I guess. Plate Armor should take three and a poleaxe or similar great weapon two slots. This could mean a naked and high strength person could run around with five halberds, but that’s ok. I mean, that would be silly. In addition to these, you can get two more levels of encumbrance. Three more doesn’t really work, because then you’re incapacitated.
• One is for wearing a pack of some kind, or carrying a sack or bag.
• You get two if you’re carrying a very large pack, or two different ones.

Fatigue and Wounds

So I think I’ll have stamina points or something in this system. That, and/or a hit point kind of thing, I’m not sure. But as you deplete your physical energy, you gain levels of fatigue. These, as said, add on to encumbrance levels for the purpose of physical reduction. Perhaps one level at less than one-stamina or less, and more if you’re injured or push yourself further into exhaustion.


So, this was the plan for now. The exact numbers for things are still very much in question, but I think I really like the idea. But I have to get a firmer grip at exactly how I will have attributes and stats work here, before I finalize this.


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